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A Nepal Itinerary for 10 days of travel in this country in the Himalayas (Podcast)

Hear about a 10-day itinerary for travel to Nepal as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sean Hira about this beautiful country.

Why should someone go to Nepal?

Sean says, “Nepal’s a little bit of an underrated destination. It’s a landlocked country in the Himalayas sandwiched between two powerhouses, China. In India. My favorite part about Nepal is really the harmony between Hinduism and Buddhism and seeing those cultures coexist so peacefully from a tourist perspective. A lot of people go there for the trekking and the intense base camp trekking and the first thing that probably comes to your mind is Mount Everest, but there is so much more to Nepal than Mount Everest or Annapurna. The Himalayas are ingrained in the culture there, but you can see so much more than just trekking in Everest.”

Sean lays out this itinerary:

Day 1: Kathmandu

  • Orientation walk around Patan Durbar Square.
  • Explore local bazaars and historical sites.
  • Sunset at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Durbar Square.

Day 2: Kathmandu

  • Early morning visit to Boudhanath Stupa for monk rituals.
  • Breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the stupa.
  • Visit Pashupatinath Temple and experience Hindu rituals.
  • Optional: Visit Bhaktapur and Nagarkot (extra day trip).

Day 3: Transfer to Bandipur

  • Private transfer from Kathmandu to Bandipur.
  • Orientation walk around Bandipur village.
  • Sunset at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Himalayan foothills.

Day 4: Bandipur

  • Sunrise viewpoint over the Annapurna region.
  • Breakfast and leisure time.
  • Easy hike to the “Great Wall of Bandipur” viewpoint.

Day 5: Transfer to Pokhara and Uluru Village

  • Transfer to Pokhara, stop for lunch, and rent trekking gear.
  • Continue to Uluru Village, north of Pokhara.
  • Prepare for the upcoming trekking adventure.

Day 6-8: Trek to Poon Hill in Annapurna Region

  • Begin a three-day moderate trek to Poon Hill.
  • Experience stunning landscapes, forests, and villages.
  • Stay in village homestays along the route.
  • Reach Poon Hill for panoramic Himalayan views.
  • Trekking altitudes vary from around 1,000 to 3,200 meters.

Day 9: Return to Pokhara

  • Complete the trek and return to Pokhara.
  • Relax and enjoy Pokhara’s amenities after trekking.

Day 10: Fly back to Kathmandu

  • Fly back to Kathmandu from Pokhara.
  • Revisit attractions or experiences missed earlier.
  • Last-minute shopping or exploration in Kathmandu.

Day 11: Departure

  • Depending on your flight schedule, free time in the morning.
  • Depart from Kathmandu’s International Airport.

Sean also talks about some extensions you could do including a Panauti Community Homestay. 

If you are looking for an adventure, Nepal could be the place to go.


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Hi Chris,
I just wanted to send an email of thanks for your wonderful podcast.
Unfortunately ill health means I have been unable to travel to any of the fascinating destination you feature for a little while. However by researching, reading and viewing other people’s videos & photos online i can make a virtual visit which gives me a pretty representative experience. Art Galleries and Museums for example have their exhibits available to view online (with lots of info and no one to get in the way of your viewing).
Many of my friends have suggested New Zealand as a place i should (virtually) visit next so this week i will be doing that with episode 797 (Wellington with Kate) as a very thorough guide. It was a particularly great episode of the podcast. thank you.
Looking forward to going on more virtual holidays with you in the future.
Best wishes.

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A Nepal Itinerary for 10 days of travel in this country in the Himalayas (Podcast) #nepal #kathmandu #travel #vacation #trip #holiday #places #itinerary A Nepal Itinerary for 10 days of travel in this country in the Himalayas (Podcast) #nepal #kathmandu #travel #vacation #trip #holiday #places #itinerary

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Perfect itinerary for Nepal Tour.

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