Travel to Nepal and Everest – Episode 205

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Jon Miller of the Rest of Everest podcast about his journeys in Nepal. Jon originally went to Nepal as part of a film he was shooting on an Everest expedition, but as Jon tells it you come for the mountain but fall in love with the people and the culture.

Jon describes Kathmandu with is various temples or stupas like Swayambhunath (the monkey temple) and Boudhanath with crowds of people performing a kora around them.

He tells us places to get a good meal in Thamel (the tourist district) and suggests a day trip to the well-preserved city of Bhaktapur.

After Katmandu Jon tells us about trekking and also hiking up to Everest base camp where the altitude can be very challenging (and Jon lives up at 6000 feet at home in Colorado).

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Show Notes

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Swayambhunath (the monkey temple)
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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

4 Responses to “Travel to Nepal and Everest – Episode 205”



Hi Chris,

Thanks for featuring Nepal on this podcast. Like Jon, I fell in love with the country as well, after 6 weeks there last year. I went for the trekking and I stayed for the rich culture and friendly people. I never did learn to like dhal bhat though.

Me and a Dutch girl I met in Pokhara hired our own Nepali guide/porter though a guest house for the Annapurna Sanctuary trek and had a great time. We were glad we were just a small group of 4 vs some of the larger tour groups we saw on the trail. And it was EASY and cheap to book, and buy any equipment we were missing (though I recommend an authentic brand sleeping bag if you want to stay warm).

I met people who had never trekked before, and started trekking on their own on the Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp treks. They easily met people along the way. A bit too adventurous for me, but they were normal, mid-20’s backpackers (just trying to save a few bucks).

Great podcast, brought back a lot of memories. Thanks!



I may never get to Nepal or Tibet, but I do feel as if I have been there after viewing the Rest of Everest video podcasts. Jon does a great job of conveying the essence of this part of the world, the joys and trials of such a journey. I really like Jon’s style too, not as an uber-mountaineer but as a regular guy with such enthusiasm and wonder and trust in the people he meets. Now I’m inspired to go through the series again, all what? 60+ hours of video podcasts? Thanks for having him on.



Another great episode. Maybe I’ll make it there one day.



I loved the Nepal episode! I lived in the Kathmandu area for 7 months earlier this year and plan on continuing to live there during the summer for the next few years.

In addition to Everest, there are some amazing places to visit such as Pokhara (mentioned by Dave above) and Chitwan National Park.

In Pokhara, there are day hikes as well as multi-day treks. I also went para-sailing while there.

At Chitwan visitors can ride elephants and go try to spot a Bengal tiger. I was lucky enough to see one stalking a baby rhino!

And in the Kathmandu Valley, as Jon discussed on the podcast, there are multiple sights. Even if someone is planning to head out trekking, I really recommend spending a few days in the Kathmandu area. Buddhist and Hindu temples and stupas, Newari architecture, and handmade craft shopping are all highlights.

You’d have to count me in the not-a-huge-dal-baht fan as well. But I do like Newari food such as choyela (buffalo)!

I did pick up the parasite Jon mentioned, giardia, toward the end of my stay. But a quick trip to the local travel clinic and a 2 day prescription fixed me up right away.

If anyone is thinking about visiting Nepal, even if they aren’t into multi-day hiking at altitude, should go. It’s an amazingly beautiful place with great people.

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