Rafting Down the Grand Canyon – Episode 223

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The Amateur Traveler talks to the (now late) George Wendt from Oars.com about white water rafting down the Grand Canyon which is one of Chris’s dream vacations.

The Grand Canyon can be traversed in motor pontoon boats, oars rafts, paddle boats, or dories. Each has different advantages and disadvantages.

The water is fast and cold and the rapids get up to class 5. All the while you are drifting through one of the wonders of the world with massive red stone walls on either side. You come around the corner and are surprised by waterfalls and a green oasis. You explore the side canyons where you can see fossils and the ruins of the ancient people who called this canyon home.

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Show Notes

OARS Whitewater Rafting, Adventure Travel, White Water Rafting Vacations – river rafting guides
John Wesley Powell – Grand Canyon explorer
Glen Canyon Dam
The Ancient Ones, or Anasazi
Dinosaur National Monument
Class of Whitewater Rapids

Internet Resources

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Brian wrote:

“I remember that you’ve traveled a lot in Europe. I’d be interested in reading about places that are off the beaten tourist path and less well known that still have cultural importance or natural beauty. Are there any small cathedral towns, museums, hiking trails that you especially enjoyed that few people know about? Tips on how to save money in Europe are always welcome too.”

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