Rafting the Grand Canyon – Episode 766

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Rafting the Grand Canyon (Podcast)

Hear about Rafting the Grand Canyon as the Amateur Traveler talks to patrons of the show Robin Perry and Randy Rohrer about this bucket list trip.

Robin was able to raft down the Grand Canyon for the first time this year in a bit of a surprise trip because someone had to cancel, and Randy is planning his 10th trip down the canyon later this year. 

The Grand Canyon is an amazing destination from the rim, but much of the canyon is only visible and accessible from the Colorado River. We talk about different ways to traverse the river, including paddle boats, oar boats, dories, and motorized rafts. We discuss how the trip will change with the season and the weather. And we talk about what to pack and what to leave at home.  

Robin describes one of her favorite moments on the river. “Probably one of the most spectacular days was our third day in. They called it rapids day. We were entering the gorge. Going in, I didn’t realize the canyon changes so much. Going into the gorge, you are dropping significantly many more rapids throughout the day. We all wore our rain gear that day because we knew we would get significantly wet. The appearance of the canyon just changes so significantly when you go into the gorge.”

Randy describes a rafting trip, especially a longer trip, as half a hiking trip. There are so many sites that you can only access from the river. He describes hikes up to an old granary from the Ancient Puebloans and a pre-dawn hike up to an area called the Tabernacle for sunrise.

Before you book your trip to raft the Grand Canyon, listen to this episode.

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Chris responds to this review:
*** nutellakell,

I Like It, But Not the California Comparisons

I really enjoy hearing about different places around the world. I like the format of the show too.


But Chris is consistently belittling the places guests talk about. If someone says there are wineries in their location, Chris hassss to mention that he’s from California and ask “but how’s the wine?” I’ve heard this many times! In the Cleveland episode, Chris just haddd to mention that shark tunnels aren’t unique to Cleveland. Why does he have to put down places?

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Rafting the Grand Canyon (Podcast) - we talk about options for boats, trip length, seasons and give you planning tips #travel #trip #vacation #grand-canyon #rafting #national-park #arizona Rafting the Grand Canyon (Podcast) - we talk about options for boats, trip length, seasons and give you planning tips #travel #trip #vacation #grand-canyon #rafting #national-park #arizona

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4 Responses to “Rafting the Grand Canyon – Episode 766”

Mark Carrara


This episode was released 8/14/21. On 8/5/1869 Powell the first person to travel the entire Grand Canyon by boat entered the Grand Canyon. Chris, if you knew it or not, pretty good timing.

Chris Christensen


OK, now I wish I had released it a week later!

Jim Wagonfeld


Well done Randito. The best view on the river is you in a skirt on costume night.



Thanks Chris. I really enjoyed this episode. Rafting and hiking through the Grand Canyon is one of the top travel things I want to do. Looking forward to it post Covid (I’m in Australia and we can’t leave the country atm).

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