Sail the Virgin Islands – Episode 620

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Sail the Virgin Islands - a One Week Itinerary (Podcast) #travel #sailing #virigin-islands

Hear about travel to the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands as the Amateur Traveler talks to Captain Shane McClellan about a sailing trip to the area.

Shane says of the Virgin Islands, “Why not go to the Virgin Islands? As long as you like beaches, sun, snorkeling, water, some pretty darn famous bars, it’s just got everything you want including some wonderful hiking over on Saint John. Anything you want I can probably find for you in the Virgin Islands.”

Shane has been running charters on a 41′ catamaran for the last 7 years. He takes us on a typical one-week itinerary on a sailing vessel. We start by flying into Saint Thomas which has the best air connectivity but quickly head to the British Virgin Islands. An alternative would be a week circling Saint John.

“A typical trip we start by going to Norman Island and from there we skip Peter Island, although that’s going to change, and we go to Cooper which is very popular. From there we go up to Virgin Gorda, we do the Baths at the southern end and we do the north sound up at the north end. From there we sail out to Anegada which is completely different from all the other Virgin Islands. And then we have a long relaxing sail back to Jost Van Dyke and we party at Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar. That’s usually about a week and we end up back at Saint Thomas and drop you off.”

Along the way, Shane talks about where to snorkel, hike, and look for buried pirate treasure. We delve into the sugar plantation history and the slavery that supported it. And we talk about one of the most interesting beaches in the world.

Come and hear why the Virgin Islands is worth exploring.

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Show Notes

SV Guiding Light
Virgin Islands
The Virgin Islands
Norman Island
Peter Island
Cooper Island
Virgin Gorda
The Baths
The North Sound
Jost Van Dyke
Foxy’s Bar
The Soggy Dollar
Red Hook, St. Thomas
Waterlemon Cay
Saint John
Annaberg Sugar Plantation
Soper’s Hole
The Indians
Norman Island Caves
Pirates Bight
Willy T’s
Dead Chest Island
Salt Island
The Wreck of the RMS Rhone
Cooper Island Beach Club
Favorite Beach
Savannah Bay Beach
Dog Islands
Necker Island
Neptune’s Treasure
Guana Island
Monkey Point
Sandy Spit & Sandy Cay
The Bubbly Pool
Soggy Dollar
Saint Croix
Saint Thomas
Aboard the Guiding Light


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Sail the Virgin Islands - a One Week Itinerary (Podcast) #travel #sailing #virigin-islands Sail the Virgin Islands - a One Week Itinerary (Podcast) #travel #sailing #virigin-islands

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I love your podcasts, having recently discovered your site. Maybe I don’t know where to look but I can’t tell the Month/Year of the Episode. The discussion might give a hint… It would be nice if the Month & Year of the podcast was listed next to the Episode Number so your listeners can have a frame of reference as to how current the episode’s information is.

Chris Christensen


Best way to tell right now is count backward from the latest episode. I put out about 50 a year. I may add the dates again but am torn.

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