Travel to Thailand – Episode 653

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Travel to Thailand (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Thailand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Taiss and Rob from about the country where they lived as expats for some time.

Why should someone go to Thailand? ” Taiss says, “I have several reasons. The first is that it is very very budget-friendly. Anywhere in Southeast Asia really is. Thailand is definitely worth every penny. It’s a little bit pricey to get there. It’s a little bit time consuming on the flight to get there. But once you’re there it is extremely cheap. It is very friendly. I think it has that reputation. It is a land of smiles. You feel very relaxed when you’re there. The whole massage thing. Rob loves that part. It’s very very safe.”

They lay out a one-week itinerary including Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai, and a beach vacation on the island of Ko Lanta.

Chiang Mai is a popular spot for expats where Taiss and Rob lived for a couple of years. When you visit they recommend staying in the neighborhood of Nimman as an alternative to staying in the old city. They recommend the hike to Wat Phra That on Doi Suthep. They also recommend a hike to the Mon Tha Than Waterfall. One of the other popular attractions in Chiang Mai is the elephant sanctuary. 

Thailand is known for its street food, and they particularly recommend the Pad Thai Mustache guy in Chiang Mai. They also recommend attending a cooking class. The Sunday night market is also a must-see.

From Chiang Mai, they recommend a visit to Pai. They recommend a visit to the well known Pai Canyon as well as a quirky spot called the land split. The big Buddha on the mountain is great for sunsets.

Chiang Rai is near the border with Laos. A couple of key places they would recommend to see are the White Temple and the more unusual Black House museum.

In the south, they recommend the island of Ko Lanta instead of the more popular Phuket or the more party-oriented Ko Phi Phi. Ko Lanta is a great spot for a beach vacation and a snorkel trip.

Along the way, Taiss and Rob recommend some of their favorite places to stay and places to eat. Come see Thailand through the eyes of two expats who fell in love with it.

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Show Notes
Chiang Mai
Chiang Rai
Ko Lanta
Best Cafes in Nimman, Chiang Mai
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Mon Tha Than Waterfall
The 6 Best Restaurants in Nimman, Chiang Mai
Padthai Mustache style food truck
Thai Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai
What To See and Do In Chiang Mai – 29 Things You Shouldn’t Miss
Elephant Nature Park
Reverie Siam Resort, Pai
Things to do in Pai
Chiang Rai Guide
Crown Lanta Resort
2 Weeks in Thailand


i listen to a number of podcasts

the more i listened, however, i noticed areas that can be improved

comments on the host:

he constantly uses the same words – ex. excellent, interesting, etc.
becomes very monotonous

he has a tendency to disrupt the show by talking about his experiences at some other locations – which are not relevant to the show
the constant goggle fact checking is not appreciated
if the interviewee doesn’t know – add in notes later or tell listeners to check it out if its critical
let the interviewee talk, don’t keep interrupting them with small talk

these are suggestions to help the show be more enjoyable for all


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