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Travel to Cleveland, Ohio (Podcast) - Amateur Traveler

Hear about things to do when you travel to Cleveland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Daniel Carcioppolo who was born and raised in the city.

Daniel says, “there’s a lot to talk about in the Northeast Ohio area, specifically Cleveland. I think a lot of people associate Cleveland with probably five decades of jokes, the mistake by the lake. And I’m here to tell your audience that it’s an often-overlooked city. It has a rich history of excellence that still exists today. It’s a delicious city. It’s an interesting city, and it’s a unique city. It has its own personality and identity. And if you’re looking for a different experience, it’s a good visit.”

Daniel says that you can get a really good sense of Cleveland in probably four days, a long weekend. If you’re looking for an extended stay, he suggests some day trips.

We tackle the city neighborhood by neighborhood starting with the downtown area. Daniel suggests you stay downtown. There is a train that goes directly from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Tower City in downtown, the red line.

He recommends staying at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel or Hilton Cleveland Downtown. The Hilton probably offers the best views of Lake Erie in the surrounding city. If you are a budget traveler, The Cleveland Hostel offers cheap rates for those who are used to hostel traveling and lodging. Don’t rent a car as you won’t need it until you are ready to get out of town.

Downtown is where you can find the theater district, the sports stadiums, and a casino if you like to gamble. Daniel would recommend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to music lovers but everyone else can skip it. “But, if you are a big music fan and you tie part of your identity, to certain rock stars and musicians from the past, absolutely go there and visit.” The science center is next door to the Hall of Fame. There is a WWII submarine down in the north coast harbor called the USS Cod. 

You may not have heard of Cleveland’s Little Italy, but you might have heard about Ettore Boiardi who was a chef there. Investors put an Americanized version of his name on an Americanized version of his cooking to create Chef Boyardee products. For something more authentic, grab a cannoli at Presti’s Bakery.

Daniel recommends a visit to Lake View Cemetery where some of the more famous former residents of Cleveland reside. You can see the memorial to President Garfield as well as the graves of such notables as Eliot Ness, comic book writer Harvey Pekar, and 
John D. Rockefeller.  Come in the spring to enjoy the beauty of Daffodil Hill.

To explore the cultural side of Cleveland visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, Holden Forests and Gardens, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, MOCA Cleveland, and the Cleveland Orchestra. To enjoy a more pop-cultural side of the city visit the house where the Superman comic was created or the one where “A Christmas Story” was filmed.

If you want to explore the food of the city you can eat at the fancy L’Albatros, grab a Polish Boy at the West Side Market, or Pho in AsiaTown. Eat a donut made with beer or dress up as Santa for the first pour event at Great Lakes Brewing.

When you are ready to explore farther afield you can enjoy the beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio’s Amish culture, or the wineries in the Grand River Valley.

Give this episode a listen and see if Cleveland doesn’t surprise you.

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Show Notes

Cleveland, OH
City of Cleveland
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Tower City Center
Kimpton Schofield Hotel
Hilton Cleveland Downtown
The Cleveland Hostel
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
U.S.S. Cod
Great Lakes Science Center
Playhouse Square
Terminal Tower
Downtown Cleveland
Little Italy Cleveland
Guarino – Cleveland’s Oldest Restaurant
Ettore Boiardi
Chef Boyardee
Presti’s Bakery
Lake View Cemetery
Wade Memorial Chapel
Eliot Ness
Harvey Pekar
Daffodil Hill
Cleveland Museum of Art
Holden Forests and Gardens
Cleveland Museum of Natural History
MOCA Cleveland
The Cleveland Orchestra
Blossom Music Center
Peter B Lewis Building Cleveland by Frank Gehry
AsiaTown Cleveland
Superior Pho
Li Wah
Ball Ball Waffle
Lucky’s Cafe
A Christmas Story House
Dante Tremont
West Side Market in Cleveland
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Market Garden Brewery
Transformer Station
Larder Delicatessen and Bakery
Gordon Square Arts District
Edgewater Park
Capital Theatre
Cleveland Public Theatre
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Greater Cleveland Aquarium
the Flats
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Buckeye Trail Association
Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail
Cleveland International Film Festival – FilmFreeway
Cleveland, the True Birthplace of Superman
Karamu House
Polish Boy
Mabel’s BBQ
The Mohicans Treehouse Resort
Top Amish Country Ohio Attractions
Grand River Valley Winery Tours
M Cellars Winery
First Pour at the Brewpub



Simon on Travel to Western Georgia (the country) – Episode 759:

Hi Chris

I so enjoyed your recent discussion on Western Georgia.

My wife and I stopped for a night in Batumi in 2014 as part of our epic overland (mostly) trip from the UK to Australia, and your podcast guest showed just how much we missed – I wish we’d had her “35 things to do in Batumi” article because all we really did was go for a paddle on a stony Black Sea beach, look at casinos (from the outside only) wondering how many people were inside, and speculate on the spanking new Trump Tower that was being built in the middle of Batumi at the time (he pulled the plug shortly after his election in 2016, I think, so I imagine the ‘Trump Tower’ signage is long gone now…).

Looks like we may have to go back one day and try some of Emily’s ideas. Thanks again for the great interview.


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Cleveland photos by Fuji Nakama, David Mark from Pixabay

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2 Responses to “Travel to Cleveland, Ohio – Episode 761”

Eric Warren


I’ve never been traveling in a city when a podcast about that city dropped, but by gosh I was in Cleveland this morning when I got a Stitcher alert about this episode. Thrilled that one of the first things Daniel mentioned was Lake View cemetery, where I spent the previous morning at the Garfield monument. I did the Rock Hall and went to a Cleveland baseball game, and that was about all I had time for. Thanks for the ideas for future visits. Cleveland does actually rock.

Chris Christensen


LOL, that’s great Eric. I don’t think I have ever been in a city covered by an episode when it dropped either!

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