Travel to Cincinnati, Ohio – Episode 511

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Travel to Cincinnati, Ohio - what to Do, See and Eat


Hear about travel to Cincinnati, Ohio as the Amateur Traveler talks to Erin Hinsen and Seth Walsh from about the Queen City.

“Cincinnati is, I would argue, one of the nations best hidden gems. If you love history, if you love renaissance, if you love craft beer, if you love architecture, if you love a variety of cultures, if you love sports, if you love baseball (we had the original baseball team), if you love heartbreak (we have a football team that loses every year in the playoffs), and frankly just a gorgeous city, this is a city that you name it, we’ve got it here.”

Cincinnati has a number of neighborhoods. We talk about downtown, and OTR (Over-The Rhine), Camp Washington, Clifton and the Gaslight District, Mount Airy, The Banks and more. Erin and Seth describe a city that is revitalizing it’s downtown and its historic buildings.

We visit (virtually) the Underground Railroad Museum, the Taft Art Museum, the Cincinnati Music Hall, The American Sign Museum and the Cincinnati Museum Center. Even if you have never been to Cincinnati you might recognize which of these was used as a model for DC Comic’s Justice League’s Hall of Justice.

We learn that in Cincinnati they fight about who has the best chili (which they serve on spaghetti), propose sometimes with donuts from Holtman’s Donut Shop and host the world’s second largest Oktoberfest.

Cincinnati and the area nearby produced astronauts and presidents (including the largest and the one who served the shortest term), leaders in the abolition movement and the real “Great Gatsby”. John A. Roebling used Cincinnati to warm up for the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

From parks, to passenger pigeons, from theatres to tombs, from the river to the Red Stockings, learn about this beautiful city on the banks of the Ohio.

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Show Notes
Cincinnati Red Stockings
List of Cincinnati neighborhoods
Over-the-Rhine Chamber
William Howard Taft
Washington Park Events
Cincinnati Music Hall
Passenger pigeon
Esquire Theatre
Kilimanjaro African Heritage Shop
Cincinnati Museum Center
Mt. Airy Forest Park
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Harriet Beecher Stowe House
The American Sign Museum
Cincinnati Observatory
Taft Museum of Art
George Remus (The Great Gatsby)
John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
America’s Oktoberfest
William Henry Harrison Tomb
Camp Kern Zipline
Laser Web
Piatt Park
Putz’s Creamy Whip has been open since 1938, but we still can’t get enough
Know Theatre

Food and Drink

Taft’s Ale House
The Senate Pub
The Eagle – Food and Beer Hall
Holtman’s Donut Shop
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Skyline Chili
Camp Washington Chili
Incline Public House


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Travel to Cincinnati, Ohio - what to Do, See and Eat

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