Travel to Paraguay – Episode 709

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Travel to Paraguay (Podcast)

Hear about things to do when you travel to Paraguay as the Amateur Traveler talks to Angel Hernandez about the South American country he called home for a decade.

Angel says, “There is a beauty in Paraguay. The people there, they definitely stand out to me and to my family. We were received by the Paraguayan people when we moved there. The culture there is very laid back. There’s a variety of geographic zones. There are deserts. There are rainforests. There are waterfalls. There are huge rivers, caves, mountains. It’s loaded with a lot of that as well as many cultures. In the 1900s this was a place of refuge so many cultures came. So you have the German culture, you have Mennonite, you have Japanese. The nation of Paraguay is about the same size as California. I believe there’s only 11 million Paraguayans in Paraguay. It’s very unique and it’s also in the center of South America. It’s called the Heart of South America.”

Angel starts us in the capital of Asunción where he suggests we take in a football game. He gives us some good ideas of where to shop and the best places to eat local foods like chipa and grilled meat. He introduces us to the traditional Paraguayan drink tereré.

From there he directs us to the east to Ciudad del Este which is the gateway on the Paraguayan border to Iguazu Falls. It is also near one of the largest dams in the world Itaipu Dam. Angel recommends staying on a ranch or an estacion. The stay is a site in and of itself and can also be used as a base to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the ruins of the Jesuit Missions in Paraguay. The Jesuits came with the blessing of pope and king but, after 150 years, King Charles III of Spain expelled them from all Spanish-controlled territories in 1767 because he thought that had acquired too much wealth and power.

Angel recommends a visit to the riverside city of Encarnación which is rapidly becoming a hot spot in the country. He also recommends a visit to Ybycui National Park, to the popular Ypacaraí Lake, and a lesser-known eco-park at Laguna Blanca.

Learn why Angel and his family fell in love with this laid back South American gem and why you might too.

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Show Notes

Ciudad del Este
Iguazu Falls
Itaipu Dam
Encarnación, Paraguay
Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue – UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Tereré – Traditional Paraguayan Drink
Calle Palma
Paulista Grill, Asuncion
Doña Angela Ice Cream
Quattro D Heladeria
Don Vito
Fruteria Paraguari
Puerto Iguazú, Argentina
Jesuit Missions of La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangue
Jesuit Missions guided tours
Parque Nacional Ybycui
Laguna Blanca
Ypacaraí Lake
La Colmena, Paraguay



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Savio Wong


I loved this episode because I had planned a trip to Paraguay but had to cancel because of COVID. At the time I was planning the trip, I checked Amateur Traveler and you haven’t done one yet. So, I’m glad the timing worked out for me.
I picked up several good tips and definitely use them when I actually make it there. Thanks.

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