Travel to Saskatchewan – Episode 666

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Travel to Saskatchewan (Podcast) | Things to do in Saskatoon and 'Northern' Saskatchewan

Hear about travel to Saskatchewan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ashlyn George from about her home province of Canada. 

Ashlyn was born and raised in Saskatchewan used to be an official “Saskatchewander” for the province. 

Ashlyn says, “I have been fortunate to travel a lot of the rest of the world and I say that you can have just as many wonderful experiences home, for me, as you can around the world and I generally believe that. The nature in Saskatchewan is amazing and our connection to the land and that nature whether to the boreal forest, which is half of the province or through farming and agriculture and food production. You get a really different experience in Saskatchewan. It’s a pretty special place here.”

Saskatchewan is big so Ashlyn recommends either the north around Saskatoon or south around Regina for a one-week itinerary. She starts us in Saskatoon and heads north to Prince Albert National Park and then further north towards the end of the paved roads near La Ronge and Missinipe.

Ashlyn says Saskatchewan has the highest number of chefs per capita so she directs us to a number of restaurants, breweries, and distilleries as well as a new art museum. She has a passion for outdoor adventure in any season so she would encourage us to get out on the Saskatchewan River that runs through Saskatoon. She encourages us to take a paddle along the river. There is also a boat called the Prarie Lilly that cruises the river.

There are a number of festivals in Saskatoon, especially in the summer, including the Jazz festival, Canada Day and the Fringe Festival.

Ashlyn recommends 3 different trails of different lengths and durations in near Prince Albert National Park including the Boundary Bog Trail, the Mud Creek Trail, and the Grey Owl Trail. We hear stories of encountering wolves and bears and northern lights.

Further north, you can join the White Water Festival at Missinipe or just take a guided white water canoe trip. 

Listen to Ashlyn and see if you can avoid picking up some of her excitement for Saskatchewan. I’ll bet you can’t.

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Show Notes
The Prarie Lilly
Escape Sports Inc.
Eb’s Source for Adventure
Drift Sidewalk Café & Vista Lounge
odd couple
9 Mile Legacy
Hometown Diner
Saskatoon Berry
Remai Modern
Broadway Saskatoon
Canada Day in Saskatoon
Diefenbaker Park
Saskatoon Fringe Festival
Stumbletown Distilling
Black Fox Farm & Distillery
Lucky Bastard Distillers
Prince Albert National Park
Mud Creek Trail – Prince Albert National Park
Grey Owl Trail – Prince Albert National Park
Northern pike
Pitcher plant
Boundary Bog Trail – Prince Albert National Park
La Ronge
White Water Festival
Uranium City
Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park
30 of the Most Spectacular Northern Lights Photos From Around Saskatchewan


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Nikola Tesla Museum

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Travel to Saskatchewan (Podcast) | Things to do in Saskatoon and 'Northern' Saskatchewan #travel #trip #vacation #canada #Saskatchewan #saskatoon #itinerary #what-to-do-in #podcast #things-to-do-in

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Travel to Saskatchewan (Podcast) | Things to do in Saskatoon and 'Northern' Saskatchewan #travel #trip #vacation #canada #Saskatchewan #saskatoon #itinerary #what-to-do-in #podcast #things-to-do-in

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