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Things to do in Uruguay (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Uruguay as the Amateur Traveler talks to Karen Higgs from about her adopted country of 20 years.

Karen says, “there are two types of people who come to Uruguay. There are the type of people who have been everywhere and they are looking for the last off the radar destinations to go to and when they arrive they will love to say after, ‘I am the only person that I know that has been to Uruguay’.”

“On the other hand, people who do their research, they are interested in going to Latin America. They are looking for a safe country, especially solo female travelers for example. They are looking at South America. They are Googling and they are like ‘hey there is this small country that’s there between Argentina and Brazil that seems to have all of these amazing statistics of development’. They look at it more closely and they discover that not only is it a progressive country and it’s been a progressive country for 150 years, it’s also got amazing beaches and it’s got amazing wine. It’s got this amazing world-class live music. Someone will say, the beef is just amazing. It’s laid back, small by South American standards, small enough to be able to get around. It’s a good starter country where Latin America is concerned.”

Karen starts us in Montevideo. She encourages us to check out the live music scene but discourages us from the museum scene in the city as most museums don’t have English information. She does encourage us to check out the Andes 1972 Museum. Walk the sea wall, try out the beef at the Port Market in Montevideo’s Old City.

Then Karen encourages us to get to a beach and make some suggestions for where to go including Punta del Diablo and Playa de Jose Ignacio. Skip Playa de Jose Ignacio during its short high season when it is one of the most expensive beach towns in the world.

Then get out to one of the wine-growing regions. There are some close to Montevideo and some near the UNESCO World Heritage site of Colonia del Sacramento. Colonia del Sacramento is a short ferry ride from Buenos Aires.

We talk about music and meet, wine and wi-fi, beaches and bars. Learn more about this approachable South American country.

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Show Notes

Guru’Guay: Visiting Uruguay
Size of Uruguay compared to Germany
Montevideo Wine Experience
El Mingus
The Port Market in Montevideo’s Old City
Cabana Veronica
10 Foods you must try in Uruguay
Tira de Asado
Andes Museum 1972
Punta del Diablo
Playa de Jose Ignacio
Big Bang Nature Stays
La Barra
Wine Country
Colonia del Sacramento
Artesana Winery
Manuel Filgueira: Ninja winemaking in Uruguay
Estación Penitente – Magical hill-top restaurant
Guru’Guay Guide to Montevideo
Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country
Guru’Guay in the Amateur Traveler


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Things to do in Uruguay (Podcast) | Travel to Uruguay #travel #trip #vacation #uruguay #montevideo #wine #beaches Things to do in Uruguay (Podcast) | Travel to Uruguay #travel #trip #vacation #uruguay #montevideo #wine #beaches

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by Chris Christensen

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Wow, thanks to Karen for illuminating Uruguay to me! My husband and I just made our first trip to Latin America, visiting Costa Rica. We have fallen in love with Latin America and are now hungry for more adventures! Uruguay peaked my interest because of the safety stats (you nailed the kind of travelers we are, Karen!) but I wasn’t sure what else the country might have to offer… Now I see there is so much to be excited about in Uruguay and I can’t wait to explore it! This episode has inspired me to put Uruguay as #1 on my travel list. Thanks for your passion and energy, Karen!

Chris Christensen


My work here is done. 🙂



You continue to knock it out of the park. We love the podcast and rely on your podcasts for our travels. Uraguay was awesome. Karen’s recommendations were spot on. We loved Big Bang so much we extended. Thanks again and are enjoying your Bible podcast as well!!!

Chris Christensen


That’s great to hear Jay 🙂

Savio Wong


I am planning a last-minute trip to South America, visiting Asuncion, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires. Of course, Amateur Traveler is my first stop for research, and as usual, I will be able to use many of the suggestions by your guests for all three cities. Thank you.

A tip for fellow travelers is to check out the show notes. For each city, I have created a list on Google Maps, marking the sites I plan to visit. Although I am not familiar with the city, by looking at the Google Map markings, I can organize my day better. The best thing is that I get a good idea if I can walk from one site to another.

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