Travel to the Finger Lakes in New York – Episode 529

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Travel to the Finger Lakes in New York - What to see, do and sip in the heart of New York State.


Hear about travel to the Finger Lakes in New York as the Amateur Traveler talks to Lillie Marshall from Around the World “L” about this area of water and wine.

Both Lillie and Chris were guests separately of the Finger Lakes Tourism Board and the Corning Glass Museum. Chris was there in Spring and Little in Summer. The highlight for both was the Corning Glass Museum which is an art museum, a glass history museum and a glass technology museum all in one. It also has an extensive program of hands-on glass making which both took part in, including glass blowing.

One of the prettiest posts in the Finger Lakes is the Watkins Glen State part with a narrow gorge cut through layers of grey slate. It is a great easy hike, including behind a waterfall. Chris also took part in the Drive the Glen opportunity to drive 3 laps on nearby Watkins Glen Speedway.

The Finger Lakes is a wine region and even a California wine snob like Chris was impressed with some of the wines they offered. Sitting at one of the many wineries with a view of one of the nearby lakes is a great trip even if you aren’t drinking.

Lillie and Chris both enjoyed the local restaurants and farm to table food, specifically some of the great restaurants in Corning.

Lillie and her family also enjoyed Elmira New York which was the home and final resting place of Mark Twain.

For small towns, lakes and vine cover hills, for hiking and glass blowing, come to the Finger Lakes.

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on Travel to Buffalo, New York – Episode 507

Tucker wrote:

Just listened to this one yesterday… Excellent review of the Queen City, BUT… She should’ve tried the wings! Our Western NY wings are far superior to anything you’ll find elsewhere. Sort of like visiting Germany, but not having any bratwurst, just because you can buy Johnsonville brats at the grocery store!


works for me, although again I would not pair them with a sweet dessert wine like we did when we were in town


No, sir! Better paired with a Genesee beer, or Southern Tier Brewery’s “One Buffalo” beer. I really enjoy your podcasts. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer asks:

One question that is always on my mind when hearing about people who live overseas. I’m listening to the podcast on Prague from several years ago, and the couple talking about Prague seem to move about to different countries often. How exactly are they able to do this? Anytime I look at living overseas it seems there are so many rules and regulations that keep foreigners from being able to easily move there. Job opportunities are limited, because employers have to justify hiring a foreigner over a local worker. Yet I’m always hearing about those who just pick up and move to where ever they want, and stay years, with no problem. i’d love a podcast that explains exactly how they do that??…

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Travel to the Finger Lakes in New York - What to see, do and sip in the heart of New York State.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

5 Responses to “Travel to the Finger Lakes in New York – Episode 529”

Lillie Marshall -- @WorldLillie -- Around the World "L"


Big thanks for the interview, Chris! I had a great time chatting with you and look forward to reader comments and questions.

Kate Withiam


I just listened to The Finger Lakes episode and it was fun to hear an episode about the area where I grew up. I just wanted to add some comments about some other areas of The Finger Lakes that weren’t covered in the podcast. I grew up just north of Ithaca, so my focus was a bit north of the Elmira/Corning area. Ithaca is a fun town to spend a day or two (or three). Check out the fabulous farmer’s market, wander Ithaca Commons, explore Cornell University Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell Plantations, and the Laboratory of Ornitology. Also there’s the Paleontological Research Institution/Museum of the Earth. Hike and swim at Buttermilk, Treman, and Taughannock State Parks. For more serious hiking head over to the Fingerlakes National Forest. For dinner, there’s Moosewood, Just a Taste, Maxie’s Supperclub, Mia’s, and Northstar. Or for something more casual try Ithaca Bakery, Wegmans, or Viva Taqueria. Also Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg is lovely. There’s a lot of great ice cream in Central New York: Purity in Ithaca, the Dairy Bar on the Cornell Campus, Cayuga Lake Creamery in Interlaken, and Cream at the Top in King Ferry. For other fun food adventures check out the Finger Lakes Beer Trail, the Finger Lakes Cheese Trail, and the Finger Lake Cider House. A couple other interesting towns worth checking out: Seneca Falls has the Women’s Rights National Historic Park and for an old-school diner experience, head over to Connie’s Diner in Waterloo and Auburn has the William Seward House and the Harriet Tubman House and some excellent beer and food at Prison City Brewery.

Debbie Meritsky


So nice to see another great article about the amazing Finger Lakes, but you’ve hit only the very tip of the iceberg via the tourism agencies favorites. As a top destination Bed and Breakfast in the central Finger Lakes region, we know that there are so many offerings from Cultural, water, outdoor, food and more that were missed. When you’re back in the area, look us up, we’d be happy to share the many ways we guide our guests to everything in between and beyond!



Thanks Debbie!

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