Travel to Buffalo, New York – Episode 507

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What to do, see and eat in Buffalo, New York. Travel to Buffalo, New York - Amateur Traveler Episode 507


Hear about travel to Buffalo, New York as the Amateur Traveler talks to Larissa Milne from about why she fell in love with this significant American city.

Larissa and her husband fell in love with Buffalo on what was supposed to be a side trip from Niagara Falls. This historic city used to be the 8th largest in the nation when it was the terminus for the important Erie Canal. The city grew wealthy and attracted many leading architects to build its downtown and its mansions. Frank Lloyd Wright build a couple homes in the area that you can tour. The Art Deco City Hall has a free tour.

The grain elevator was invented in Buffalo and the city’s waterfront is still lined with them. Some have been turned into concert venues and climbing walls, but at least one belongs to General Mills that fills the city with the smell of baking Cheerios.

Buffalo may be well known for wings, but Larissa suggests trying the grilled hot dogs or a beef on a weck sandwich instead. Local restaurants and markets also have many central and eastern European specialties because of the cultural background of the city.

One president, the “know nothing” Millard Fillmore, is from the Buffalo area. Another one, William McKinley, was assassinated there. A third, Theodore Roosevelt, was inaugurated in Buffalo.

Buffalo has an “emerald necklace” of parks designed by landscape architects that include Frederick Law Olmsted who designed New York’s Central Park. You can appreciate the culture of the city in its parks, along its waterfront, in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery or in the beautiful Shea’s Performing Arts Center.

Hear why you should fall in love with Buffalo too.

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Show Notes
Buffalo, New York
Erie Canal
Welland Canal
Louis Sullivan (architect)
Eero Saarinen (architect)
Henry Hobson Richardson (architect)
Guided Tours of Buffalo
Graycliff Estate
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex
Frederick Law Olmsted
Buffalo on Foot – A Self–Guided Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Buffalo
Your Winter Guide to Buffalo
Buffalo Bisons Baseball
Old Man River Hotdogs
Ted’s Hotdogs
Beef on weck
“We make the donuts at Mazurek’s Bakery in Buffalo”
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Ani DiFranco
Shea’s Performing Arts Center
The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain
Buffalo Events
Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillmore House
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site
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What to do, see and eat in Buffalo, New York. Travel to Buffalo, New York - Amateur Traveler Episode 507

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Thanks for the episode about Buffalo, a truly underrated place to visit of which I have only scratched the surface. Your guest didn’t mention Buffalo Central Terminal – the old train station which dominates the skyline of the east side of town. It was built during the city’s heyday in anticipation of growth that never happened, and it was eventually abandoned. Preservation efforts are underway and I was fortunate to pass through town on a day when it was open for visits. For folks interested in history and architecture, it is an unmissable sight. -Erik, NYC

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