Travel to Bosnia – Episode 262

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The Amateur Traveler talks to intrepid “20 something” traveler Stephanie Yoder about the country that she thinks is the most beautiful in the world – Bosnia.

In an area that was well known for first the winter Olympics and then a devastating war Stephanie found Roman ruins, medieval cities, and beautiful mountains. She found a country that has recovered (or at least is recovering) from war and is ready to receive visitors again. Bosnia has deep Ottoman roots in its faith, architecture and its food. Visit Dervish monasteries, hidden tunnels, and the beautiful city of Sarajevo.

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Show Notes

Twenty-Something Travel
Herzegovina: The Flip Side of Bosnia
Mostar: From the Ruins
The Forgotten City of Sarajevo
Wednesday Postcard: Pocitelj, Bosnia & Herzogovina
Friday Postcard: Travnik, Bosnia
When Getting Lost is a Good Thing
Stephyo’s Flickr – Bosnia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Igman Mountain
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Sarajevo Tunnel
Hostels in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Majda’s Rooms
Dalmatia (Roman province)
Western Balkans travel guide
Bosnian War


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Sorry what’s a swat tourlist? (!18:04)

Chris, I think what you had might’ve been raki in Turkey. In Greece they drink ouzo. Which is pretty much the same thing (I suspect it’s the same as the difference between Turkish coffee, Greek coffee, Cypriot coffee, Bosnian coffee, Maltese coffee…)



In Turkey I had tea. While we did try ouzo in Greece we were also introduced to raki. It was popular on Crete.

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