Travel to Fort Worth, Texas – Episode 370

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Let's Rodeo!

Hear about travel to Fort Worth, Texas as the Amateur Traveler talks again to Jason Hull about Fort Worth Texas the “City of Cowboys and Culture”.

Sometimes overshadowed by its neighbor Dallas Jason shows us why Fort Worth is worth a visit.

Fort Worth was the last cattle station at the southern end of the cattle trails. It comes by its cowboy character honestly. To get a feeling for cowboy culture Jason starts us at the Fort Worth Stock Yards district. Visit Billy Bob’s Texas for Honky Tonk to do the Boot Scoot Boogie, some square dancing, or “awesome BBQ”. The Fort Worth Rodeo is one of the first stops on the rodeo circuit with bull riding, barrel racing, chuckwagon races, calf roping, and other events. The Stockyard Station nearby has numerous restaurants, an art studio and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. They also have daily cattle drives twice a day.

The Fort Worth Cultural District contains an entirely different culture centered around art and modern art. Jason’s favorite museum in the district is the Kimbell Art Museum with works by masters like Matisse, Cezanne, Caravaggio as well as Asian and African art. There is also a Modern Art Museum with a notable sculpture collection. The Amon Carter Museum combines the cowboy and art culture with a collection of western artists like Frederic Remington. There is also the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame with information about such notable western women as Georgia O’Keeffe, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Annie Oakley, and Dale Evans.

Sundance Square is the modern shopping, eating, and entertainment district. Jason shares his favorite restaurant choices. There are performing art venues where you can see such performances as the “Tuna Christmas” as well as improv comedy.

Fort Worth is also not far from “Jerryworld” where the Dallas Cowboys play or the ballpark in Arlington where the Texas Rangers play. The Texas Motor Speedway is also in Fort Worth if you are a big fan of left turns.

“Fort Worth has an awesome botanical gardens. I have been to Keukenhof and the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens comes close to the Keukenhof Tulip Festival in terms of quality.” Jason also gives us suggestions for day trips out of the city including Dinosaur Valley State Park and nearby Glen Rose and Granbery.

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

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Kelsey wrote: I just started listening to your podcast a couple weeks ago when I was looking for information about a few cities in Europe we are planning to visit this fall. Before I jumped into episodes about new places I’d like to go, I downloaded some episodes about some of the favorite places I’ve visited to get a feel for the podcast. I’m enjoying it so far.

I listened to your episode from 2013 about Fort Worth, Texas. I’ve been to the Dallas-Fort Worth area a few times in the last couple years visiting friends. Overall, I thought the episode did a great job of descriping Fort Worth.

However, it didn’t include my favorite place in all of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Fort Worth Water Gardens. It’s one of the most unusual, interesting and strangely beautiful public spaces I’ve seen in any of my travels. It’s both modern and retro, rigid and fluid, natural and concrete, tranquil and energetic. It’s a great place to relax for an hour or so on a busy day of sightseeing, maybe eat a picnic lunch. And, you can’t beat the price of free. It was my favorite place on my first trip to Dallas-Fort Worth and a place I always make time for a quick stop when I go back. It’s hard to really explain what makes this place so cool, but it has become the go-to place for my local friends to take their out of town visitors. If you do another episode on the area in the next couple years, I’d definitely include the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Jim Harrison


I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article and listening to your podcast about traveling to Fort Worth, Texas. As someone who has never been to the city before, your recommendations and insights were extremely helpful and informative.

Your description of the Fort Worth Stockyards and the daily cattle drive was particularly fascinating. It’s great to see that the city has preserved its Western heritage and provides visitors with an authentic experience.

I also appreciate your recommendations for food and drink in Fort Worth. The craft beer scene seems to be thriving, and I’ll definitely be checking out some of the breweries you mentioned during my next visit.

Overall, your article and podcast have inspired me to add Fort Worth to my travel bucket list. I’m excited to explore the city’s rich history and culture and experience all the unique offerings it has to offer.

Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with us. Keep up the great work!

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