Travel to Greenland – Episode 521

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Travel to Greenland - What to do in Greenland in the Summer including trekking The Arctic Circle Trail (podcast)


Hear about travel to Greenland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Matthew Karsten from about his recent visit to this remote island.

Matthew  says, “I had heard about Greenland from a friend. When you think about Greenland I am sure, like a lot of people, you think it’s just a bunch of snow and ice. Why would you go there on a vacation. I learned that there’s actually a big portion of it in the south that is ice free in the Summer and there’s a lot of cool things to do there.”

“If you want to be there for about a week. I did something called the Arctic Circle trail. It’s a hike that lasts 7-12 days., depending on the route you take and your abilities.”

Even if you aren’t up for a hike across the tundra there are some small villages like Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut that you can visit by ferry, but getting into the countryside gave Matthew encounters with Reindeer, Musk Oxen, and arctic foxes. It did not given him a lot of encounters with other people on the trail. It brought him up close to glaciers and into tiny fishing villages where sled dogs provided the welcoming committee. There are wilderness huts along the way where you can stop and spend the night at for free.

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Show Notes
Trekking The Arctic Circle Trail In Greenland
Greenland Coastal Ferry
Russell Glacier
Arctic Uniaq Line (Ferry)


Sam Oppenheim on Travel to the Aeolian Islands – Episode 493:

Love these islands – went on my honeymoon, some things to add:
1) Salina has resorts with incredible food, rooms, properties, pools, spas, massages, etc. It is AMAZING.
2) Salina has archaeology sites from the bronze age and stone age, you can hike up and see them. not much to see, but cool history.
3) on all these islands you can hire a scooter and ride all around
4) Wine tastings at each vineyard, rewarding and fun, olive oils too.
5) Stromboli is worth the hike to the top
6) Stromboli has black sand beaches.
7) You can take a ferry from Stromboli to Naples, but as Rick said – they can run slow, we missed out flight connection in Naples.
I’d recommend 1 week in Sicily and 1 week on these Islands with an open jaw ticket into Sicily and out of Naples. We actually started in Malta. Totally amazing islands, beautiful people, food, landscapes, and calm atmosphere. I think they are like Kauai or the Azores and other volcanic archipelagos in the Caribbean.

Correction: Il Postino is a 1994 movie, set in the year 1950. The famous beach scene in that movie is on Salina and is distant from the hotels, we went by scooter and were the only tourists there. it is AMAZING. Pollara beach. I have photos of the hotels and beaches on my website.

Travel to Greenland - What to do in Greenland in the Summer including trekking The Arctic Circle Trail (podcast)

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3 Responses to “Travel to Greenland – Episode 521”

Maria Han


Thanks for such great suggestions. We are in Norway and planning for the Greenland and these accounts are really helpful for us. I think hiring a scooter would be a great idea.

Adonis Villanueva


I’m a fan of Matthew’s blog Expert Vagabond, and Amateur Traveler. Greenland is one place I want to trek. This is inspiring.



Peter wrote:

Re 521 – Greenland. I just returned from a hiking/camping trip to Greenland run by the WWF and I thought your guest was remiss in not mentioning some of the hazards your guests should be prepared for. Greenland is stunningly beautiful and unique but solo travelers need to be prepared for certain risks. 1. Polar bears. During the end of the summer they are ravenously hungry and aggressive. Our hiking group of 10 had two guides, both armed with flares and shotguns. One would scout ahead during our hikes. On our first night camped on the edge of the Sermilik Fjord they had to kill a bear outside the village of Tiniteqilaaq across the fjord from us because it was threatening the village and a pair of hikers hiking from Kulusuuq.
2. Kayaking among icebergs – Very pretty but beware of the hazards – 90% of the berg is below water, and because they melt faster from the bottom they often become top-heavy and roll over which is very dangerous for kayaks and Zodiacs nearby – so give them a very wide berth. 3 Medical evacuation is difficult in an emergency because of weather and fog. One of our guests developed internal bleeding (luckily two guests were doctors) and very nearly died because weather prevented helicopter access for 36 hours! We had a satellite phone (they sell them in supermarkets in Greenland!) and any solo hiker should carry one.

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