Travel to Hyderabad, India – Episode 477

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Travel to Hyderabad India

Hear about travel to Hyderabad India as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sean Whiting about the city he has called home for more than 4 years. Sean and his wife work at an NGO in Hyderabad.

Sean says, “I just think that India is worthy of your travel interests because there is so much distinction and so much difference in India. It really is so counterintuitive in many ways. The first time you come to India should probably be to the more traditional spots, the Golden triangle, Dehli and Agra with the Taj Mahal. and maybe if you’re going to be here an extended amount of time come down to southern India with Hyderabad as a jumping-off point. Even if you came back a second time, to experience southern India is so much different. It’s a lot less intense. It’s a lot more welcoming in some ways. If you came to India for the first time to southern India, you wouldn’t necessarily say it was chill, but it is in comparison to the north.”

Sean guides us to some of the traditional tourist spots in Hyderabad like the Golconda Fort, the Charminar, and the Chowmahalla Palace but also encourages us to spent time just exploring the countryside, just meeting the people and just sampling the food of southern India.

Hyderabad is both the home to a lot of high tech and modern Indian and also the home to the Palaces of the Nizam and the history of India.

“Every region of India is almost like its own different country. There are 28 states in India and almost all of them speak their own local language. National Geographic Traveler called Hyderabad one of the 20 best places to see in the year 2015. It’s known for its cuisine. It was never actually conquered or controlled by the British during the Raj.”

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Show Notes

Hyderabad Travel Guide
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Golconda Fort
Detours India
Chowmahalla Palace
Salar Jung Museum
Paradise Food Court
Falaknuma Palace


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Travel to Hyderabad India

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When i was a kid, i go there and atmosphere in Hyderabad is good.



Includes Charminar, Golkonda Fort, Falaknuma Palace

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