Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas – Episode 450

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Hear about travel to Little Rock, Arkansas as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sarabeth Jones & Alison Chino from and about their hometown.

Sarabeth says “We love being from Little Rock. We love being from the south. We think people are friendly here. It’s a beautiful natural place and there are lots of fun things to do here”. Allison says, “I think Little Rock is an underrated city , because it is overlooked. It’s just a little bit smaller. There’s just 200,000-300,000 in the whole area of Little Rock, but because it is smaller you can see a lot of it without sitting in traffic. Things are compact in downtown Little Rock. You can see a lot of it even on foot. It’s a beautiful city. It’s right on the Arkansas River and there are 5 pedestrian bridges going over the river, for pedestrians and bikes. There’s a whole culture of being outside right downtown right on the river, both on your bike and on foot. Both sides of the river have downtown areas that welcome the traveler.”

Downtown Little Rock is a great area to walk around with a big indoor outdoor shopping area called the River Market. During the spring, summer, and even early fall there’s a farmers market on the back side of that. You can get all kinds of fresh fruit, food, flowers, crafts. The market is on Tuesday and Saturdays. We normally talk about what to do, see and eat in a place and in this episode we give you lots and lots of places to eat including the Flying Fish for fried catfish and hush puppies. Allison describes a hush puppy as a “little fried ball of deliciousness”. “You cannot get more southern than a hush puppy”.

Allison and Sarabeth say “just go ahead and stay at the Capitol Hotel”. It is a historic downtown hotel. “Their slogan is that they are the front porch of the South. They have won a lot of awards, top ten historic hotels in the country.” Allison adds that “Sarabeth and I love to meet at the Capitol Hotel for drinks”.

The Clinton Presidential Library is in the downtown area which has been a catalyst for redevelopment for the downtown. The library contains all the papers from the 8 years Clinton spent as president including some great video presentations of the time. It contains a replica of the Oval Office and the schedule hour by hour for all 8 years. The library is clearly presented from Clinton’s point of view. The restaurant 42 is located at the bottom floor and is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

The museum at the nearby Heffer International is a great introduction to the developing world. The city also has a very significant civil rights site which is the Central High School which has a museum across the street. The National Guard had to be called in to allow the Little Rock Nine to attend the school. Times have changed since then and statues of the Little Rock Nine can now be found in the capitol building. The museum, which is a National Park, contains a lot of the original news coverage of the event.

Little Rock is in a beautiful area. Take some time when you are there to get outside to some of the hiking and biking trails like the Big Dam Bridge.

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Show Notes

Sarabeth Jones
Alison Chino
Little Rock
Big Dam Bridge
River Market
Farmers Market
Flying Fish
Capital Bar & Grill
Capital Hotel
Sticky’z Rock N Roll Chicken Shack
Flying Saucer
Clinton Museum Store
Clinton Presidential Center
Forty Two
Heifer Village
Passports With Purpose
Little Rock Central High School
Little Rock Nine
Mosaic Templars Cultural Center
Arkansas State Capitol
Southside Main Street District (SoMa)
South on Main
The Root Cafe
Loblolly Creamery
Esse Purse Museum
Green Corner Store
The Bernice Garden
Boulevard Bread
Community Bakery
Local Lime
Big Orange
The Fold
Damgoode Pies
White Water Tavern
Tales from the South
Arkansas Repertory Theatre
Pinnacle Mountain
USS Razorback
Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum
River Rail
Baker House B&B
Hot Springs
Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa
Quapaw Baths & Spa
Fordyce Bath House Museum
Hot Springs National Park
Central Park Fusion
Rolondo’s Restaurant
Duck Tours, Hot Springs
Ouachita National Forest
The Ozarks
Buffalo Outdoor Center
Hawskbill Crag
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Mississippi River
King Biscuit Blues Festival
Quapaw Canoe Company
North Little Rock
The Old Mill
K Hall & Sons
Only In Ark


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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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Y’all! @sarabethjones & I did a podcast on Little Rock w/@chris2x #travel #arkansas



Love this episode! Also, thanks for answering my forever question about the aiport rocking chairs!! I knew they must have originated in Charlotte, because I’ve seen them there for years! I noticed on my last flight home that Baltimore has followed the trend and now has many rocking chairs. I do love to find one, get comfy, and think about the trip ahead (or behind if it’s a layover).

Thanks, Chris!



I love the rocking chairs also and was glad to know the story



Listen to the first 5 minutes of this podcast and tell me @sarabethjones and @alisonchino aren’t stoned. #hushpuppies



Well, I doubt it. They are pretty naturally silly and a great fun to be with in my experience



Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas – Amateur Traveler #450



Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas – Amateur Traveler #450

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