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Hear about travel to Luxembourg as the Amateur Traveler talks to Rosie Titterington about her adopted country. Rosie had never heard of Luxembourg before moving there, but loves this small but lovely country in the heart of Europe.

“Especially if you are coming to Europe and your are maybe nervous about languages or it being confusing or getting lost, Luxembourg is nice and small and compact so that makes it very easy to get around. It’s also very clean and safe. It’s green and pretty, even in the city center. It’s quite a diverse country because there are so many immigrants and expats who live here.”

Luxembourg has 500,000 people and the capital Luxembourg City has about a fifth of that. “To start out you would definitely want to spend a day just exploring the city. The best way to do that is just by walking. It’s very walkable. The striking thing about Luxembourg as a city is that it is on two levels. So you have this plateau with the main city center and then there is this ravine that wraps itself around the city center. It has a lot to do with why Luxembourg was a fortress area. When visitors come to see us we always take them for a walk down through this valley which is called the Petrusse Valley. You walk through there and you see all the fortresses and rock formations which the city sits on top of. You walk through there and then you walk down into the Grund which is a nice area as well. As you are walking through there you look up and you see the casemates.”

The casemates are the remnants of the great fortress that may have been the most formidable in Europe in the 17th-19th centuries until a treaty partitioned the duchy and tore down the fortress so that the larger neighboring countries would stop fighting over its control. Visiting the Bock Casemates, which are carved into the native rock, is nearly mandatory. The Casemates are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rosie also describes some day trips out from Luxembourg City to a nearby hiking region known as Little Switzerland and to picturesque castles like Bourglinster and Bourschied castles.

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Show Notes

The Ts
Visit Luxembourg
Luxembourg City
Petrusse Valley
Bock Casemates
Grand Ducal Palace
Chocolate House
Pirate Ship Playground
Bourschied Castle
Bourglinster Castle
Little Switzerland
National Museum of Military History
Fort Thungen
Petrusse Casemates
Milk Museum
Youth Hostels


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