Travel to Malawi – Episode 216

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Joseph about his recent trip to Malawi in Southern Africa.

Malawi is not known for its game parks like other countries in the region but for the relaxing shores of Lake Malawi as well as the lush green highlands.

It is a country heavily influenced by David Livingstone and the Scottish Presbyterian church and one benefit of this legacy is welcoming church guest houses to stay in.

So join Joseph and me as we talk about the people, the politics and the minibusses of Malawi.

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Show Notes

Joseph’s Malawi Photographs
Malawi map
David Livingstone
Livingstone’s map
Kayak Africa
Water monitor
nsima – like grits
Schistosomiasis – Lake Malawi parasite


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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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5 Responses to “Travel to Malawi – Episode 216”

John Reid


Just finished listening to your podcast on Malawi after just discovering your site. Malawi was the first country outside of South Africa that I had ever visited. I have an aunt who has lived in Malawi for the last 10 years who put together my itenery.

My favorite part of the trip was definately staying on the small island run by Kayak Africa. In the year that we went, it was voted as one of the most romatic island escapes in the world. It was really worth visiting. For a photographer, it is a perfect opportunity to capture Fish Eagles snatching up fish from the water.

Regarding wildlife, we visited a Liwonde National Park that was packed with wildlife (including elephants, hippoes and so on). The park does not allow any private traveling, so all excursions through the park are led by a guide either on foot, by off road trucks or on a boat.

Some photos of our trip can be found at Unfortunately we lost our images from the Kayak Africa island…



John, I love your pictures, especially the dugout canoes on the shore of the lake.



The characters on the pink bus are Japanese. It probably is from Japan.



Thanks, I guess I had not looked closely at the picture.



There´s a Flickr group on Malawi at

Please feel free to browse or share your Malawi travel photos

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