Travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Episode 538

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Travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin - What to do, see, eat and drink in Milwaukee

Hear about travel to Milwaukee as the Amateur Traveler talks to Barbara Ali about her hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Barbara says “Milwaukee has appeared on a lot of lists lately. It seems to be coming of age. For the last 10 years, it’s moving from an industrial city to an eclectic art center with all kinds of interesting food and drink, and it’s budget still. It isn’t very expensive.”

“It has everything a big city has for far less money. There are operas, theatre, beers, dancing, fine dining, sports and loads of outdoor space for an active vacation.”

“If you come in Summer, and most people should, we have a fantastic music festival called Summerfest. It is the largest musical festival in the world. We have a lot of big names every day of the week on many different stages and of course lots of food. There are cultural festivals every weekend. Depending on your nationality we probably have a festival for you.”

We talk about different things to see in Milwaukee. You can take in a Milwaukee Brewers game. You can visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Grohmann Museum, the Milwaukee Public Museum or, on a different note, the Harley-Davidson Museum. You can tour one of the breweries that made “the beer that made Milwaukee famous” or one of the newer craft breweries.

You can get outside into one of the many parks, go kayaking, or take a biking tour on a portable bar.

Barbara tells us her favorite parks, galleries, restaurants, breweries, and cafes. Learn why people are talking about Milwaukee.

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Show Notes

Milwaukee Area Parks
Visit Milwaukee
Untapped Tours of Milwaukee
Milwaukee Public Museum
Grohmann Museum
Historic Milwaukee
Milwaukee Kayak
Miller Brewing Company
Lakefront Brewery (reviews)
Brenner Brewing Co. (reviews)
Blue Star Cafe (reviews)
Honey Pie Cafe (reviews)
Bradford Beach
Atwater Park
Harley Davidson Museum
Iron Horse Hotel (reviews | check prices on Agoda | | Expedia)
MKE Stages
WI Quilt Museum
Wisconsin’s Schooner Coast
Roadside America
Bronze Fonz
Milwaukee Mural Map
Polka Escalator
Northern Chocolate Company
The Brass Rooster
The Waxwing
Milwaukee Art Museum
The Healing Garden


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Ciao Chris, come stai?

Thank you very much for your podcast, I enjoy your style very much. A little too much sometimes, it feeds the travel bug too much. I was heartened to see that you learn languages too, that’s also one of my pastimes. I did Swahili for our trips to Kenya and Tanzania and spent 2 years learning Italian to go to Venice for 2 weeks.

My wife and I are travelling to Chad early next year to go on safari there.

I’m currently learning some Arabic for the trip, but I fear I wont have anywhere near enough learnt before leaving, so I might have to take a trip to the Middle East, probably Oman when I can say and understand more.

Asante sana,


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Travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin - What to do, see, eat and drink in Milwaukee

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

8 Responses to “Travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Episode 538”

Randy Crane


Hi Chris! I’ve been listening for a couple of years or so now (and, side note, a more recent listener to your Bible Study podcast). I listen using Downcast, also, and I enjoy the Enhanced version very much. I really like having the pictures to look at. I know it’s a lot more work, but I want you to know I appreciate the extra effort. Thanks!

rick m.


I prefer the enhanced version of your podcast, with the chapters and specially the pictures.



Kevin wrote me to say:

No else in the world will see thousands of people tailgating before a baseball game like the Milwaukee Brewers fans at Miller Park… Finally, there are more bars per capita in Milwaukee than any other city in North America [I could not verify this – Chris]. Friendliness exudes in every place in Milwaukee. Ok, I’m done.

Go to the Milwaukee Public Market. One of the best in the United States. Located in the Old 3rd Ward, off of the Milwaukee River. You must visit the world class Art Museum.

Another nickname: City of Festivals.



Great timing for me — I’m going in April and crossing my fingers the weather will work out for some of the outdoor activities. First time visitor!

Joanne Guldemond


I apologize for this comment being so late, but many thanks, Chris, for the podcast on a city that I know well and visit often. I have two comments:
1. Any discussion of the lakefront and beaches of Milwaukee should include the point that Lake Michigan water is very cold, even in August. I don’t want to discourage anyone from visiting the beaches, but know that you need to be hardy (and we are in Wisconsin) to take a dip!
2. A delightful day or weekend trip from Milwaukee would be to the resort towns of Lake Geneva, Fontana, and Williams Bay on Geneva Lake, about a hour from Milwaukee. Besides the usual water-related activities of lake towns, there is a public walking path that completely surrounds the lake, from which you can view palatial summer homes and lovely landscaping. The full path is about 25 miles, but there are multiple access points from which you can walk for whatever distance you want. Google “Lake Geneva Shore Path” for more information. There are even winter activities in the area, such as ice boat races on the frozen lake and ice sculpture contests.



Thanks Joanne. I didn’t know that!

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