Travel to Wisconsin – Episode 200

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Christine who comes to tell us that Wisconsin has more to offer than just visiting my relatives.

She starts us on a tour of the state from the college town and capital of Madison with its street fairs, concerts, and capitol building. We hear about the influence of Wisconsin born architect Frank Lloyd Wright who founded his school of architecture at nearby Taliesin. We enjoy the bike paths, breweries, Badgers football, and burial mounds.

Then we move on to Milwaukee with its neighborhoods, breweries, and of course baseball. We stop in Kohler and then head up Wisconsin’s “thumb” to Door County.

After visiting Green Bay and the home of the Packers we head up to the north woods with its many small lakes and Lake Superior with its one very big one.

We wrap up by winding down the Mississippi River.

Think there is nothing to see in Wisconsin? Think again.

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Show Notes

Discover Wisconsin
Visit Wisconsin
Frank Lloyd Wright
Whad Ya Know Show
Isthmus Newspaper – Madison local event guide
Harley-Davidson Museum
Visit Milwaukee
Summerfest – The World’s Largest Music Festival
Destination Kohler
Kohler Design Center
2010 Airventure – Oshkosh
Minocqua Wisconsin
Eagle River Wisconsin
Door County Wisconsin
SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Wyalusing State Park

Wisconsin Pubs and Breweries

Great Dane Pub – Madison
Ale Asylum – Madison
New Glarus Brewery – Madison
Capital Brewery – Madison
Lakefront Brewery – Milwaukee
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company – Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Uplands Cheese Company – Dodgeville, Wisconsin, makers of Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Charcoal Inn – Sheboygan, WI (try the brats)
Scaturo’s Baking Co & Cafe – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin – for breakfast
Dans Minocqua Fudge
McGregor`s Blink Bonnie Club – St Germain – for steak

Chanticleer Guest House – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


Travel News – Banned, Cruise, Arrested, Fake, Pigeon-Net, Hijacking, Decapitated

  • Grey Was Behind the Danish Video (Yeah, it’s Fake)
  • Sexually-charged ‘cougar cruise’ on deck for Carnival ship
  • Italian tourist arrested in Rio for kissing daughter

Internet Resources – the “Experience Marketplace”


200 episodes
Jeen loved Krakow and purple sticky rice

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast. He has been a travel creator since 2005 and has won awards including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel+Leisure Magazine.

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Even when you’re not looking at anything in general, Wisconsin is beautiful to look at. It has thriving foliage in the warm months and gorgeous snow covered landscapes in the winter ones (as long as you’re looking away from the city ;)) and everything in between. there’s a lot of nature to be had, more than some people will ever see for sure, and it’s much less brown than San Antonio.

Jet Set Life


This post really got me thinking again. Thanks a lot! I’d be sure to pass this on to my readers. They’d like the information.

Bryan Person


Chris: Haven’t even listened to the episode yet, but I did want to congratulate you on your 200th episode! As a guy who’s podfaded a couple of times before even reaching 50 shows, I at least have a sense of the persistence that’s required to keep up a show for as long as you have.

Well done.



Ironically, I spent last weekend in Wisconsin!

Wish I’d heard this a week earlier. The art museum in Milwaukee is terrific, and Third Ward is quite nice too. The landscape is so beautiful there this time of year.



Wisconsin is a great state to visit! I don’t know if any of you are familiar with, but they are a great source for finding discounted hotels and resorts! They publish a green traveler guide with maps and information and distribute them along U.S. Interstate rest stops. I use them every time I travel. They usually have the best deals online and their publication can’t be beat!

Chicago Peter


Christine mentioned Sprecher Brewery in Milwaukee. I thought I should add that in addition to beer Sprecher makes a line of sodas, including a root beer that I love.

Costa Rica Towns


I didn´t considered Winsconsin a destination for travelers, but after reading this post, I got a new perspective, thanks a lot !

Joanne G.


Christine did a great job highlighting the best parts of this state where I have lived most of my life. But there are a few things I would like to add:

She mentioned State St. in Madison, the pedestrian-only street that connects the Capitol Square to the UW campus One of the reasons I love State Street is that you can easily find thowbacks to the 1960’s as you stroll along. If you are looking for a poster of Bobby Kennedy, Beatles albums on vinyl, tie-dyed clothing, incense, beaded curtains – or a rally to legalize pot or end the war, any war – State Street is the place.

Also, State Street has a colorful street life, not unlike New York City. In warm weather, merchants put racks outside, restaurants put tables outside, and the sidewalks are jammed. Even in cold weather, because of the high population density in the campus area and too-few parking places, there is always a lot of pedestrian activity on State St.

About Door County – Christine missed mentioning the 10 lighthouses, more than any county in the country. Most in service, some not anymore, some open to the public and some not. But every one is picturesque.

Lastly, she mentioned the Lake Michgan beaches, from Milwaukee up to Door County. One should not mention Lake Michigan beaches without mentioning the water temperatures, which range from still-frigid in June, very cold in July, and merely cold on the hottest day in August. Swimming in any of the Great Lakes is not for the timid.

Lastly, the colors of fall. Rivals the much-better-known colors of New England. And I have lived there, too, so I can compare!

Si Salter


Hi Chris, Another enjoyable episode. Cheese, Beer and Fish Fries….mmm

Have added the link to my Travel Bloggers Guide to the World.

Kind Regards, Si

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