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Travel to New Hampshire (Podcast)

Hear about travel to New Hampshire as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cathy Merrifield from about her home state.

Cathy says, “New Hampshire has a little bit of everything. We have some really nice cities like Portsmouth and Concord. You get some great restaurants. We have sea coast as well. So you have some great seafood and some beaches along there. Frank’s [my husband] favorite is definitely the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For us, in New Hampshire, we can drive an hour and be at the sea coast or we could drive an hour to two hours and be up in the mountains and there’s 48 4,000 foot mountains or higher in New Hampshire.”

Cathy starts us in the outdoors in the northern part of the state. She recommends some hikes like Flume Gorge, Cannon Mountain, the Flume and Liberty Loop, and the Mount Morgan and Mount Percival Loop. Or you can go to the Lake country and kayak on one of the lakes and listen to the loons.

New Hampshire’s best-known mountain is Mount Washington which offers some of the most severe weather in the country. You can hike it, drive it or take the cog railway to the top.

You can take a moose spotting tour near Pittsburg (moose alley) or Highland Center.

The biggest tourist season in New Hampshire is the fall when the state is full of fall colors. While it is busier at that time, it is still Cathy’s favorite time to visit the state.

Then Cathy takes us to New Hampshire’s coast. It only has 13 miles of coast wedged between Massachusetts and Maine, but it does have beaches and at least one historic fort you can visit. 

While Maine is better known for lobster, Cathy tells us some of her favorite spots to get a lobster roll in Portsmouth and Rye, 

We hear about some of the highlights in the capital of Concord. We hear about a small town that has a boat race in giant pumpkins. Come for the fall color and the apple cider donuts but see if you don’t fall in love with New Hampshire.

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Show Notes

RoarLoud – Adventures Near and Far
Nothing But New England
New Hampshire
Mount Washington
Flume Gorge
Cannon Mountain
Flume and Liberty Loop
Mount Morgan and Mount Percival Loop
he Worst Hike in New Hampshire
How to Relax On The Clouds at Grafton Pond
Mountain View Grand Resort
Pittsburg New Hampshire
Highland Center
North Conway
Mount Washington Cog Railway
The Friendly Toast (Portsmouth)
Portsmouth Food Tours
Popovers on the Square (Portsmouth)
ROW 34 (Portsmouth)
Odiorne State Park
Rye Harbor Lobster Pound
The Beach Plum
Wentworth by the Sea
Margaritas Mexican Restaurant (Concord)
The Works Bakery Cafe
Only In New England: The Pumpkin Weekend
North and Middle Sugarloaf via Sugarloaf Trail
On Golden Pond
The Best Colors of Fall in New Hampshire


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Travel to New Hampshire (Podcast) | Things to do in New Hampshire #new-hampshire #travel #trip #vacation #things-to-do-in #places #hikes Travel to New Hampshire (Podcast) | Things to do in New Hampshire #new-hampshire #travel #trip #vacation #things-to-do-in #places #hikes

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