Travel to Salzburg, Austria – Episode 432

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Hear about travel to Salzburg, Austria as the Amateur Traveler talks to Gina Czupka about her time living in Salzburg.

Salzburg is a “compact walkable city. Everywhere you go there is incredible architecture. It’s got a beautiful mountain setting. It’s just a picturesque easy place to experience the old-world feel of Europe.”

“People might have heard of a little film called Sound of Music” which was set in Salzburg. “Sound of Music tours are very popular and you start seeing the buses coming in as the tourism season unfolds, and there are a lot of people walking around following a flag. But, a lot of people do also just tour the old town and go up to the Festung, the fortress above the city.

“In the Altstadt [old town] there is a street called Getreidegasse. It’s lined with shops and Mozart’s birthplace is also on Getreidegasse. It’s a very popular thoroughfare, narrow, very atmospheric. It’s basically a must if you are going to Salzburg. You need to walk down that street, but if you cross over the river there is another street called Linzergasse and there are some great cafes along there and more shopping and just beautiful old buildings.”

“Salt was the source of Salzburg’s wealth. It looks the way it does because there were some people making some very good money on salt. There are some salt mines also in the area that you can go and visit and you can slide down the old mine shafts.”

Gina recommends a side trip to the Salzkammergut which is a chain of lake villages in the lakes district in Austria or crossing over the German border to visit Berchtesgaden or the lake Königssee.

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Show Notes

This Time Tomorrow
Salzburg Travel Guide
Fortress Hohensalzburg
Salzburg Old Town
Salzburg College
Salzach River
Salt Mines
Sound of Music Tour
Haus Der Natur
Modern Art Museum
Mirabell Palace and Gardens
Augustiner Bräustübl
St Peter Stiftskeller
Baerenwirt (site is not in English)
Café Fingerlos
The Eagle’s Nest


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Jessica Briseno writes:

Hello! My name is Jessica Briseño and I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I am from San Antonio and I would love to update you listeners on our wonderful city. A lot has changed since your last episode since 2012.

David writes:

I thought the recent program you did on Mobile, Alabama was a pleasant surprise. Not sure why, but I wouldn’t have guessed Mobile would have that much to offer. I guess you just don’t hear about it very often. I wanted to ask if you plan on doing future programs for the U.S. locations of Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Houston, or Austin? These don’t appear to have been covered yet and, at least to me, seem like interesting destinations.

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

6 Responses to “Travel to Salzburg, Austria – Episode 432”

Jeff Perkins


Wiener Schnitzel a sausage????



In my excitement about being on the Amateur Traveler podcast, I evidently flubbed a couple of things. For those who want to go to Bärenwirt for a meal, be advised that it’s north, not south, of Salzburg’s Altstadt. And Wienerschnitzel is a breaded veal cutlet, not a sausage.



Jeff, did we say that? It is in the USA, but no, not in Austria.

Jeff Perkins


HI Chris – that was one of your logical extrapolations (like the Monk’s Mountain), but this one got agreed to in the heat of the moment. In the US it is common for wieners/weenies to refer to sausages. But Wiener just means Vienna (Wien) and as Gina mentions below it is the well-traveled breaded veal cutlet claimed by most former members of the Austro-Hungarian empire as their own (the Tyrolean Italians being rather vehement on the topic.)

Casey O


Just listened to the podcast and was HORRIFIED that you called Weiner schnitzel a sausage! So had to correct it. Thx Jeff for beating me to it. Great podcast as always. So many places to go.



you are right, and I knew better

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