Travel to Seville, Spain – Episode 451

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Hear about travel to Seville, Spain as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cat Gaa from about life in her adopted city. Hear about what to see, do and eat in Seville.

After studying abroad in Spain, in the very same breath that she told her mother that she was happy to be home, Cat also informed her mother that she was moving to Spain. She moved back to Spain as a teacher. “I wanted to become fluent. I loved Spanish culture. It’s something that intrigues me. It’s something that surprises me every day. I’ve lived in Seville for seven years and I’m still surprised by what I am learning about the country, the language, the food, the wine.”

“The reason that I chose Andalucia is because it’s enormous, it’s down south, You’ve got mountains. You’ve got beaches. You’ve got rivers. You’ve got plains.  It’s the typical Spain you see when you think about Spain with the bullfighting, the flamenco, the wine, the sangria, the sunshine. Seville itself is the capital of Andalucia which is the most populous autonomous region in all Spain. We are an hour from the coast and an hour from the Portuguese border.”

“What’s really great about Seville is that its flat and the majority of the old city center, which is one of the largest in Europe, is very pedestrian friendly. So it’s a nice place to just walk around, to take in the architecture, to sit and have a drink in the plaza, take in the chatter, lots of shops and small churches to duck into, and it’s a really beautiful city on its own. Not to mention the historic significance it had in the discovery of the New World and in Roman times. You can walk around the barrio di Santa Cruz and see Roman ruins. There is a big Islamic influence. It’s a city that has been able to retain a lot of its character throughout all these changes while still being a city that’s become much more modern.”

Cat describes the panorama of Holy Week or dressing up for the Seville fair. She gives us hints what to see in some of the old neighborhoods as well as great day trips to take from Seville.

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Show Notes

Sunshine & Siestas
Tourism in Seville
La Moscita
Patios Festival
Vía de La Plata Route
Doñana National Park
Santa Cruz, Seville
Seville Cathedral
Holy Week in Seville
Alcázar of Seville
Los Gallos
La Carboneria
Triana, Seville
La Grande
Seville Fair
Metropol Parasol
Plaza de España
Isla de La Cartuja
Macarena, Seville
Postereo de Sevilla (site not in English)
The Expat Dilemma
Things to do in Cultural Seville


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I’ve been featured on @amateurtraveler podcast: Travel to Seville, #Spain: Episode 451 via @chris2x #sevillahoy



Yes, Seville one of the more beautiful cities of the world!!,

Ernest M.


I haven’t been to many places outside of Madrid, just Toledo, and faraway Portugal. And so, I am looking forward to visiting the beautiful Seville, Spain.

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