Biking Spain’s Camino de Santiago – Episode 260

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Camino de Santiago, Spain

The Amateur Traveler talks to Ben Dixon about biking the route of the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain.

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrim trail that runs across northern Spain from the border with France to Santiago de Compostella. The cathedral in Santiago de Compostella reputedly holds the remains of St. James.

Modern-day pilgrims are sometimes drawn by faith and sometimes just drawn by the journey itself to trek for a month across the varied landscapes of northern Spain. As an American,

Ben did not have a month of vacation but rather than be one of those pilgrims who only traverses the very end of the trail he chose to take on the pilgrim route on a bicycle.

Along the way, he stayed in the hostels that house the many pilgrims where he met people who had been walking from far beyond the border with France. Through countryside, cities and picturesque towns he rode in both sunshine and driving rain, but the highlight of the trip might not be what you think.

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Show Notes

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Camino de Santiago
Planning for the Camino de Santiago
The Way of St. James
The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Travels With My Donkey
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Miracles and Dancing Chickens


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2 Responses to “Biking Spain’s Camino de Santiago – Episode 260”



Might be doing the route of Santiago in March (by car, [un]fortunately) so this podcast was good to hear

It might have been better to start the interview by talking about just what Santiago de Compostela was though – I’d imagine some listeners were confused until the middle of the interview, when you touched on that

Anita Mac


While I understand the time restrictions, I still feel like it is a hiking route. Interesting that 5% ride. I recently saw the movie – The Way, with Martin Sheen, and we saw bikes – but I still hope to do it on foot. Seems the right way to do it.

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