Travel to Slovakia – Episode 442

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Hear about travel to Slovakia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Julie Callahan from When Julie’s family moved to Bratislava, Slovakia 3 years ago they didn’t have a single friend who knew where this central European country was located.

Friends who visit want to see the better known capitals of Prague or Vienna, which Julie says is painful since she has fallen in love with Bratislava. “I come home and sit in the old square of Bratislava and have my coffee in the morning, and maybe it’s 8 o’clock, and I can count on one hand how many people are sitting in the square. and I have this beautiful beautiful equivalent square to what they have in Prague, smaller but equally beautiful, all to myself.”

Julie recommends we start our visit to Slovakia in Bratislava. “It is part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire so there is a level of opulence. There is a street that is largely old palaces, some of which have been made into museums. There are a few art museums that are worth maybe a look. On the old town square there is a museum dedicated to the history of winemaking. This is an area where the wine tradition goes back more than a millenium. If you go into the home of virtually any home in Bratislava you will find 13th and 14th century wine cellars that are just fantastic. Just behind that is what I always refer to as the Pink Palace, built by Maria Theresa who is one of the more famous empresses of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.”

Julie recommends a visit to the Small Carpathian Mountains. “Rimmed along the Small Carpathian Mountains are a series of little wine villages, Modra, Pezinok, Svätý Jur, each of which makes a nice day trip. If you happen to be there in the fall each of these villages will have a wine festival and the weekend of that wine festival will have something like their Goose Feast and it’s kind of like our Thanksgiving; it’s the celebration of the harvest. It’s goose and stewed red cabbage, not exactly like the American Thanksgiving meal but similar.”

“When you leave Bratislava, one of the things that we did, it was quite fun, maybe a little daring, maybe not for those who are shy, we went to Piešťany which is a spa town and we had the hot mud treatment. If you adverse to nudity, you may not want to do it, but basically we laid on a rubber matt while a woman pulled a gas hose out of the wall and sprayed us with hot mud and wrapped us up. We had to have a doctor’s visit. We did everything she [the doctor] recommended.”

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Show Notes

The World Inbetween
Come to Slovakia
Visit Bratislava
Bratislava Main Square
Little Carpathians
Goose Feast
Bike Throughout Austria
Visit Piešťany
Tatra Mountains
Starý Smokovec
Museum of Viticulture
Bratislava Music Festival
International Gregorian Chant Festival
Bratislava Opera
Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar (site not in English)
Best Beer Garden in Bratislava
” Taste the bryndzové haluski!”
Devín Castle
Svätý Jur


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David Njoku


I’ve visited Bratislava (as a side trip from Vienna) and must admit that it isn’t my favourite city in Europe, but listening to Julie’s contagious enthusiasm makes me want to go back and give it a second chance. Great job, Julie, and I especially liked listening to your thoughts on life and retirement.

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