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Hear about travel to Stockholm, Sweden as the Amateur Traveler talks to Malin from about Sweden’s beautiful capital city.

“You really should go. I realize having lived there myself, for every time I go back I start to like it more and more. You go there and you realize ‘this is really good’. After another five years you think ‘oh my God, this is incredible’.”

“The first time you go there, to get the best impression, you should go in the Summertime. If you go there for the 10th time because you have fallen in love, you will take the November cold or the wind or the miserable weather, but Spring, Summer, early Autumn is definitely the best time to go to Stockholm.”

“Stockholm is an old city. It was founded already by 1250 as a hub of trade and finance. It was the northern hub of the Hanseatic League. ” Malin, recommends starting in the old town of Stockholm which is on 4 different islands and includes the royal castle. There is an interesting royal armory museum and the changing of the guards which are worth seeing. Just walking around the medieval street is enjoyable but go earlier in the morning before the tourists fill up the streets. The most narrow street is only 35 inches wide.

Stockholm is built between a lake and the sea so everything is focused on water. Many of the different neighborhoods are different islands. Malin walks us through the various neighborhoods including Riddarholmen and through Södermalm which readers may recognize from Stieg Larsson’s novels.

Surprisingly, one well-known site that Malin does not recommend is the Skansen folk museum.

Malin recommends a number of good restaurants and hotels as well as her favorite shop. We also talk about day trips from Stockholm out to the archipelago between Sweden and Finnland.

A great way to save money when you visit Stockholm is the Stockholm Pass. This pass covers more than 60 top attractions including a hop on-hop off bus and boat tour, entrance to the major museums and palaces, and more.

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