Travel to West Sweden – Episode 439

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Hear about travel to West Sweden as the Amateur Traveler talks to Bret Love from about both his recent trip and my recent trip to this beautiful part of Sweden.

Bret was in West Sweden in a borrowed Volvo to write about a driving trip to the Swedish countryside while I was there with a fam tour / press tour as part of the “IceBug Challenge”. IceBug which makes high end running and hiking shoes sponsors a 3 day walk / run along the rugged coast of West Sweden.

“Our focus with Green Global Travel is really on ecotourism: nature, outdoors and culture, and we were really struck by how green, both in the literal and the metaphorical sense, Sweden is. They’ve got so many green initiatives from the cities with the public transportation system and the rental bikes system and no trash anywhere on the streets. But then you also go in the countryside and they’ve got these amazingly pastoral towns, and fishing villages on the coast. The people are just so friendly. It’s basically the complete package as far as I am concerned.”

When I flew into Gothenburg which is the second largest city in Sweden and the gateway to the west, I thought it was pretty but the woods and fields did not stand out for me as unique. But as I got further up the coast the area is basically solid granite. The coast has archipelagos of these solid rock islands like the Weather Islands and the inland has tiny farms and fishing villages wedged between large granite outcroppings. It was a very dramatic landscape that captivated me.

Bret was on an 8 day road trip covering almost 500 kilometers. “I really think that West Sweden is one of those places that actually driving around and seeing the different parts, it makes a difference. I think a road trip is the best way to see it because it’s just such beautiful driving.”

We talk about Gothenburg, Liseberg, the Göta Canal, the Koster Islands, Lake Hornborga, Kosterhavet National Park, Fjällbacka, Smogen. Our trips included fresh seafood, kayaking, hiking, diving, endangered species at Nordens Ark, and at least one affectionate moose.

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Show Notes

Green Global Travel
Chris’ Pictures of West Sweden
West Sweden
Visit Sweden
West Sweden
Volvo Overseas Delivery
Hotel Liseberg Heden
Haga Old Town
SK Mat & Människor
Gunnebo House & Gardens
Koster Islands
Everts Sjöbod
Hotel Koster
Kosterhavet National Park
Wrågården Farm
Kosters Tradgardar (site not in English)
Nästegården Bed & Breakfast


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on Travel to Baltimore, Maryland – Episode 438


Been listening to the podcast for almost 2 years and I really enjoy it. You do a great job and thanks for opening up so many places to me and so many people.
I’ve just listened to the episode on Baltimore and as I am a born and bred Baltimorian, I had some input. The episode is very thorough but I just wanted to add some places and some corrections. First, (this drives me crazy) Thames St in Fells Point is actually pronounced with the TH, not like Tames. And Broadway and Aliceanna Sts (pronounced Alizann) have, arguably better nightlife and less crowded bars on a Friday or Saturday night.
Another neighborhood around the inner harbor is Federal Hill so named after the steep hill that borders the harbor with a cannon situated on top to shoot into downtown should there be an uprising (as there was during the civil war). Federal Hill is another great spot for nightlife and the Cross St Market is a great place for lunch or just food shopping during the day. Also, there is a free bus service called the Charm City Connector that links Locust point, Federal Hill, Inner Harbor, Downtown, Fells Point, and Canton. Lastly there are a few places where you can rent sailboats or be taken out on one by a qualified skipper. The first is Downtown Sailing Center in Locust Point which offers private lessons, and the second is Getaway Sailing in Canton which offers harbor cruises. I would absolutely stress the importance of getting out on the water while in a harbor city, and if someone were to come to Baltimore for just an afternoon, they should go sailing or take a tour boat.

Sorry that’s so long, Baltimore is just such a great place to live!


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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

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niilo alhovaara


Great episode about western Sweden Chris! You can find my post on G+

Also, very warm congrats to your daughter from very northern Sweden! My roots are in (southern) Finland but the northern Sweden is definitely kinda special, too 🙂



This podcast brought back wonderful memories of my trip to Gothenburg in 1999 when I had the joy of meeting my childhood pen friend forthe first time and staying with her in Gothenburg. We spent a couple of nights in her family summer house and visited the towns of Fjallbacka and Smogen as well as crossing into Norway at Svinesund. I would love to return and explore more of the islands mentioned by your guest, such a beautiful and under-rated part of the world and yes, the people were so very friendly and welcoming. Great podcast and I love your photos, the granite and coloured houses of west Sweden really blew me away.

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