Travel to Tajikistan – Episode 342

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Soncina again about his trip to Tajikistan in Central Asia.

Tajikistan is smack dab between Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Unlike the other countries, Tajikistan is mostly mountainous. A lot of its influences, history, and culture are influenced by Persia while its neighbors have more Mongolian or nomadic influences. So that makes the experiences, people, and culture unique to the region. It is a former part of the Soviet Union so if you can speak Russian and Farsi you will get around very well.

Michael’s trip to Tajikistan was “very much by accident”. “I had planned to be in Kyrgyzstan for two months with an internship for a sustainable tour group. I thought to myself, I am in central Asia. I am already in a part of the world where nobody goes or has explored very thoroughly. I met some Israeli tourists who said ‘we are all going to Tajikistan so why don’t you come with us’. I got a visa and I went.”

Michael discovered a wonderful people, even if the border guards tend to… collect things, a rugged countryside, and adventures.

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4 Responses to “Travel to Tajikistan – Episode 342”

Michael Soncina


If you liked my interview please consider liking me on Facebook and check out my other social media Chanel’s!!!!

Jason From


Interesting interview, I’ve always wondered what places that were out there that I’ve never really thought about traveling to. This is definitely one of them. Maybe I’ll put this on my radar for traveling down the line. Nice interview and thanks for sharing.

Michael Soncina


Hi Jason,

Glad to inspire. Tajikistan is magical! Add it to your list and be enchanted. I would couple it with a trip to Kyrgyzstan! So much adventure



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