Travel to Southern Taiwan – Episode 276

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Soncina who returns to the show to talk about his recent travels in Southern Taiwan.

Michael took advantage of a Taiwan promotion targeting backpackers that opened up army barracks to provide inexpensive housing in this less-visited region of Taiwan. The highlight of Kaohsiung City is the Lotus Pond, an area surrounded by temples old and new.

Usually, the older style temples seemed to be dedicated to Confucius, but there are giant temples in the image of the Jade Emperor, which you can climb inside, and each floor offers unique art, as well there are the famous Dragon and Tiger pagodas.

Michael also celebrated New Years on Cijin Island with its famous seafood street.

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Show Notes

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Gary Brown


Great podecast on southern Taiwan… home part of the year and in the process of going there to teach ESL in October. I have a wife and residence there and the observations are spot on! I went from overwhelmed and confused to a local after about 4 visits. Food… is unreal how good it is….the buffets are the best on the planet. Anyway, you have a new listener thanks to a yahoo news search on Kaohsiung



Thanks for your Taiwan podcasts! They’ve really helped me organize and upcoming trip.



Great to hear Tina!

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