Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia – Episode 703

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Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Tbilisi and the eastern part of the Republic of Georgia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Tommo & Megsy from who have settled in Georgia.

Tommo & Megsy were married in Tbilisi on their 2nd trip to the country and now have moved more permanently to the country where they now run tours.

Tommo says, “I would say that the main draw here is that firstly it is quite undiscovered. It is a little bit out of the way for most travelers but it has been getting a huge amount of press internationally recently, especially because of the food and the wine. It is the birthplace of wine according to the most recent archeological evidence.  They found pottery stained with wine from 8000 years ago as definitive evidence that people were making wine and drinking wine.”

Georgia is in the area where east meets west. It is bordered by Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea on the southern side of the Caucasus Mountains.

Tommo and Megsy give us a one-week itinerary that starts in Tbilisi and then heads east to the province of Kakheti and the Alazani Valley wine-growing region.

In Tbilisi, they recommend a visit to the ancient fortress of Narikala which has a commanding view of the city. They send us to a couple of ancient churches with the oldest (Anchiskhati Basilica) dating back to the 6th century. They also recommend a visit to the modern Bridge of Peace, the hot baths that attracted the people to this spot, and a marionette theater. They give us some suggestions for nightlife, lots of suggestions for their favorite Georgian dishes, and some local restaurant recommendations.

As we head east, many of the cities like Signagi offer spectacular views of the Caucasus Mountains. They recommend some beautiful old monasteries, the historic churches of Mtskheta (UNESCO), and even an old cave city.

But wine is what draws Tommo and Megsy in this direction so they talk about the unusual wine culture of Georgia including amber wine and qvevri (large earthenware vessels used for fermentation and storage). They recommend a few of their favorite house wineries.

Come and hear about Georgian history, dance, music, food, and wine… lots of wine. 

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Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia (Podcast) | What to do in the Republic of Georgia #travel #trip #vacation #holiday #georgia #tbilisi #food #wine #destinations #whattodoin Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia (Podcast) | What to do in the Republic of Georgia #travel #trip #vacation #holiday #georgia #tbilisi #food #wine #destinations #whattodoin Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia (Podcast) | What to do in the Republic of Georgia #travel #trip #vacation #holiday #georgia #tbilisi #food #wine #destinations #whattodoin

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I’ve been binging podcasts on Georgia (old Amateur Traveler episodes included) all week, so this is a pleasant surprise! Hoping to make it there next year, or whenever we can travel again… Thanks, Chris!


Andreas Moser


I have also taken my readers on a walk around Tbilisi, with a slightly different focus, mostly on history, culture and literature:

Chris Christensen


Cool! I think you will enjoy it.

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