Travel to the Republic of Georgia – Episode 221

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Kathy from My Time To Travel about her recent trip to the Republic of Georgia. Kathy is a fan of mountains and Georgia has them in abundance because of its location between the Lesser and Greater Caucuses. She visited the Black Sea coast at Batumi, the capital of Tbilisi, the wine region, the cave city of Vardzia and went part of the way up the legendary Georgia military highway into the Caucuses. Kathy talks about the history of Georgia and its location on the silk road, its religion and architecture.

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Show Notes

My Time To Travel
Republic of Georgia
Silk Road
Mongul Empire
2008–2009 Georgia–Russia crisis
Tbilisi Marriott Hotel
Christianity in Georgia
Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
History of Georgia (country)

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This seems to be the first show (at least in a long time) where you did not conclude the interview with the words: “your obvious love of [destination]”




Am I that predictable? 🙂

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