Travel to The Pantanal, Brazil – Episode 405

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Hear about travel to The Pantanal in Brazil as the Amateur Traveler talks to Daisy about her recent trip to this vast wetlands area.

The Pantanal is south of the Amazon in Eastern Brazil and also extends into Bolivia and Paraguay.

“The Pantanal is a basin that is the world’s largest wetlands. It is about ten times the size of the Everglades. It’s really a great site to see wildlife.” The Pantanal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Daisy and her husband are big fans of wildlife adventures and wildlife viewing. When most people think about Brazil and wildlife they think of the Amazon but that is a dense rainforest where it is often hard to see wildlife. The Pantanal has more open spaces and marshes so wildlife viewing is easier there. It is the home to the highest density of jaguars in the wild. You can also see endangered species like the hyacinth macaw, the crowned solitary eagle, the maned wolf, the South American tapir, the bush dog, and the giant anteater. The area is also the home to giant river otters and numerous bird species.

They did part of their tour on a houseboat which they used as a base for exploring the water in the Meeting of the Rivers State Park. 3 Different Rivers meet in the area. The area is waterways, low land marshes, riverbanks, and brush.

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Tina writes:

Hello! I just stumbled upon your podcast recently and am really enjoying it! I am a homeschool mom of 2 and since I grew up all over the world (my dad was in the Navy), I’ve always wanted to take my kids to see some of the neat things I’ve seen and places I’ve lived, but can never seem to find time or money to sort out how to do it. I think your podcast is going to be a great help in that regard, especially since you have covered so many destinations I have on my list of places to go! So, thank you for that!

I was wondering if you’ve done anything on educational destinations with kids? Especially in the US…Immediately what springs to my mind when I think of educational value of a trip would be historical destinations like Colonial Williamsburg, VA and Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts. I’ve also heard there are Laura Ingalls Wilder locations and I would imagine there must be places to see and learn about parts of the Underground Railroad? Also off the top of my head, I would think there are NASA tours or other science related trips, music/musician destinations (birthplace of jazz?), Kitty Hawk, NC (Wright Brothers)…art related tours of famous artist homes? Famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright? Just things off the top of my head.

Since we’re a homeschooling family, I would love to know more about locations with unique educational value like this and wonder if you’ve done any shows like this or, if not, if you’d consider doing some? I’m sure there’s tons of opportunities and locations out there that I’ve never even heard of!

Thanks in advance and thank you for your podcast! I also do a podcast and so I know what it takes to put them together! Yours is really informative and enjoyable to listen to! Just what I was looking for! πŸ™‚

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Actually, Pantanal is on the Central-Western region of Brazil, right along the borders with Argentina and Paraguay πŸ˜‰

Casey Oesterlein


What an incredible trip! Must do.

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