Travel to Venice and the Veneto – Episode 182

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Ira Bernstein about why he continues to go back to Venice and the Veneto (the Italian state where Venice is) annually.

Learn about other parts of Venice besides the tourist filled Saint Mark’s square.

We talk about the Gheto in the Cannaregio sestieri. We talk about how to get around, where you can stay for less money and why you might want to stay outside of Venice.

We talk about the glass blowers of Murano and the lace makers of Borano.

Then we get outside of Venice to Padua, Verona, and Bassano del Grappa.

We will stand in Galileo’s lectern at the university of Padua (where they paid him his weight in gold to come teach). And we will visit the (fake) balcony of Juliet in Padua where we will rub a statue of Juliet for luck.

Travel to Venice and the Veneto – Amateur Traveler Episode 182 transcript


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Show Notes

Ira’s Italy Tourism site
the Veneto
Hotel Principe in Venice
Timber Usage in Venice
Tintoretto – Venician painter
Hotels near Venice – Mestre
Cannaregio – one of the six sestieri of Venice (where the Gheto is)
Dorsoduro – one of the six sestieri of Venice
Fettuccine Alfredo
Galileo Galilei
Veronese Summer Theater Festival
Detailed map of Venice

Internet Resources – send yourself telephone reminders


Cameron from The Road Show Motorcycle Podcast has been enjoying the show
Edie from Seattle – ” I appreciate the kind and gracious way you interview people and look forward to downloading each new episode.”

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by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen is the creator of the Amateur Traveler blog and podcast, and a co-host for This Week in Travel podcast.

6 Responses to “Travel to Venice and the Veneto – Episode 182”

Dan - San Diego


Venice is my favorite place to explore. I read “Daughter of Venice” before going and sought out places in the book except for, regrettably, the Gheto. We have a favorite cafe where I ordered lunch in Italian (two calzone, two beers, and the best tiramisu I’ve had). We splurged in Morano and bought a multi-colored chandelier. We also paid too much for wine in the Rialto, paid too much for coffee on St. Marks Square, and stayed on the fourth floor of a hotel with no elevator, all which just made the trip that much more memorable.



Another great podcast Chris. Thanks for the mention!




I forgot to say welcome to AZ, although that comment is probably moot at this point. Hope you had a good time in my neck of the woods.




It just took me one vaporetto ride down the Grand Canal to fall in love with Venice – one of the world’s magical places. But I was surprised that you gave the impression that unless you can spring for $300+ for a hotel room you should stay somewhere else and day trip.

Venice is a different place at night, it’s worth at least a couple of nights, and more if possible. And there’s no need to spend $300+.

Some general money-saving tips:
Do NOT stay close to St. Mark’s – besides being expensive, the only place that might attract bigger crowds is the Rialto bridge. Venice is small enough, and has enough vaporetti, that there’s no need to stay there.

Second, go in the off-season. In July and August hotel prices tend to drop, because the temperatures and humidity are likely to be miserable, but the first or second week of November they drop more noticeably. I spent six nights there in Nov. ’07 and had a great time, and I paid 80 euros a night for an en-suite single in Dorsoduro.

Third, consider B&Bs instead of hotels. Oh, and it will help to be willing to do without a canal view – you can’t see it when you’re asleep.

For cheaper lodgings, look at, and Rick Steves, Lonely Planet etc. guidebooks.

Also, I found Burano a much prettier island than Murano. It’s easy to visit both.

Si @ thedepartureboard


Chris and Ira, Always nice to hear about slightly different attractions other than the usual crowdpullers. I’ve added the link to The Travel Bloggers Guide To The World.

Roll on the next Venice visit!

Kind regards, Si

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