Travel to Zambia – Episode 551

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Travel to Zambia - One Week Itinerary (Podcast)
Hear about travel to Zambia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Graham Wales from about their epic honeymoon in Africa and how they fell in love with Zambia.

Graham and his wife took a self-driving honeymoon through 15 countries over the course of 7 months. Of Zambia, he says, “Zambia is a really off the beaten path destination. We didn’t have a lot of expectations for Zambia, but we were really big fans of the country by the time that we left. Beyond Victoria Falls, people don’t think there is that much going on, but there really is a lot, especially for nature lovers like us.”

Graham and his new wife entered into Zambia at Victoria Falls during the time of the year when the falls were full and all the overlooks are covered with spray. While many visitors see the falls and leave the country they continued on into the interior, particularly to 3 different national parks: Kafue National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, and South Luangwa National Park.

Their visit to Kafue National Park was perhaps more of an adventure than they desired as they learned that what might look like a road on a map in Africa might turn out to be driving in tall grass and a night in a ditch. Their nights at the nearby lodges were more enjoyable than the night in the car hearing the sounds of hippos and lions. One of the reasons they came to Kafue was to see a leopard, the most elusive of Africa’s Big 5.

They visited the region around Lower Zambezi National Park to fish for the monster-like tiger fish. With a mouth full of teeth like something out of a nightmare it is prized by fishermen for the fight it puts up as well as its taste.

But it was South Luangwa National Park that they rank up there as one of the 3 best parks that they saw in Africa. With wide-open spaces and herds of zebra, water buffalo, and elephants, they recommend going out of your way to visit this park.

Along the way, they made friends, including a contestant on Zambia Idol, found a great steakhouse, and had adventures… and misadventures. Learn why Zambia stands out, even on an epic trip.

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Elizabeth writes:

Hello! So glad I’ve discovered your podcast. I listen to it almost every day!

My husband has recently retired, and I’m working part time, so we are beginning to write our “Bucket List.”

In the last couple of years, we’ve visited Egypt, Italy and Israel. Awesome trips. We love the world and we love traveling! In the next couple of years, we hope to go to Peru, Costa Rica, and SE Asia.

Last week we visited Nashville (Thurs – Sun.). I took notes from your Podcast, and that make it a very evertful trip! We leave for Richmond Saturday, and I took notes on that one, as well.

I really like your interview style… really love most everything about your Podcast. It is obvious you put some time into planning it, so that it’s worthwhile to listen to. (Not a fan of rambling podcasts – usually anyway.)

THANK YOU for all the time you put into helping out us fellow travelers!

Yours in wandering,


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Travel to Zambia - One Week Itinerary (Podcast)

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Jon Hanzen


Beautiful show Chris. I am inspired….Zambia! (6 years of listening to the podcast and I think you have just produced the best. Keep going..)



Hi, thanks for sharing the information. I read it with pleasure. Next year we want to visit Zambia.

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