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What to do in Tainan, Taiwan (Podcast)

Hear about what to do in Tainan, Taiwan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Katy Liang from about her native Taiwan.

Katy says, “I was actually born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. I moved to Canada when I was 11 years old. I lived in Taiwan for 4 years after graduating from university. I want to talk about Tainan specifically because I really enjoy going there. I have been there numerous times and each time there was so much to discover. I think the essence is about the warmth of the people there and the history and culture you can find there.”

Katy starts us with a Taiwan breakfast as we get off the train from Taipei and her thoughts never stray all that far from the great food that she has found in the city. She takes us to shaved ice places, places where we can get Danzai noodles, and Coffin bread.

She takes us to tiny streets like Shennong Street where you can find cafes and craft shops. 

Tainan had a Dutch colony and Katy recommends that we get to the Chikan Tower and Anping Old Fort built by the Dutch.

Tainan has the “most number of temples” of any city in Taiwan. Puji Temple is a particularly interesting place to visit during the celebration for Chinese New Year because of its many creatively painted lanterns.

Take a cruise on a bamboo raft at the Sicao Green Tunnel. It is known as the “amazon” of Taiwan. It is a man-made canal. There is a narration (in Mandarin) and you get to wear a traditional bamboo hat.

For one of the most beautiful places in Tainan, Katy takes us out to the salt fields outside of town and to the beautiful modern Beimen Crystal Church. She especially recommends a visit at sunset.

For unusual picture spots, Katy sends us to a painted village (street art) and a cat village.

Throw in a history museum, a Seed Museum, and lots more street food and you may find that like Katy you also fall in love with Katy.

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Show Notes
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Tainan Travel
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An Expat’s Ultimate Tainan Travel Guide
Shennong Street
Yu Cheng Fruit Store
Du Hsiao Yueh Danzai Noodles Minzu Road
Chikan Tower
Anping Old Fort
Fort Zeelandia
Puji Temple
Duiyue Gate
Sicao Green Tunnel
Luermen Matsu Temple
Tainan Public Rental Bike
Cat Village
Qianqi Seed Museum
Shanhua Hu Jia Painted Village
Taiwan Pass
Jingzijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields
Beimen Crystal Church
Garden Night Market
Our Tainan food highlight – make sure you try the Tainan coffin bread and milkfish – Review of Chikan Peddler’s Noodle, West Central District, Tainan – TripAdvisor
Coffin Bread – Taiwanese Street Food
Former Tait & Co. Merchant House
Anping Tree House


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I’m addicted to your Amateur Traveler podcast. You have a great insightful way of presenting the sites and places I dream about in the world. You have a good radio speaking voice with very interesting content. I started listening about 1 year ago starting with the first episodes and now I’m on episode 548. I especially enjoyed your take on the vacations you went on especially the Amateur Traveler Trips, so I booked the Istanbul trip months ago. I’ve been to Western Europe and the Philippines and Istanbul would be so different. Anyway, unfortunately, I had to cancel the trip because of a family issues that take up my spare time but I hope I can make it to your next trip in 2021. Cheers and I look forward to your podcast of the 2020 Istanbul trip.

Also since I just came back from a 3 week trip to Manila and the Visaya Region I’d like to answer your 4 questions as if I was honored to be interviewed on your show.
#1 The Prettiest Spot I went to was driving around the mountain road in Legazpi and seeing a breathtaking view of the perfect Mayon Volcano with a lenticular cloud cap. Breathtaking.
#2 What makes me laugh and only in the Philippines:
When the pay toilet will charge you 5 pesos for peeing but 10 pesos for shitting
#3 You really know you’re in the Philippines when a stray dog walks in the middle of an ongoing Catholic church service and nobody kicks the dog out even if it pees, because it’s not a big deal and no one cares. People concentrate on the mass service.
#4 What three words to summarize the Philippines: Tropical, Resilient, Colorful

Hope to be able to go a future trip in 2021 or 2022.


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