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On This Week in Travel this week (#37 – In a word… “boobquake”) we talked about a blog post from Tnooz titled Seven of the best travel viral videos of all time which was a fine list of travel-related (mostly) videos, but it was not my list. Here is my list of 7+ great travel-related videos.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

This is the second video from Matt and if you can watch this video without wanting to go out and change the world or at least adopt a puppy then you are a heartless SOB. Matt’s second viral video even outdid his wildly successful first video Where the Hell is Matt?.

If you like Matt’s videos then you have to watch this hilarious tongue in check “confession” that  these videos were faked as people suspected.

Matt Confesses: Where the Hell is Matt? Video an ‘Elaborate Hoax’

Hudson Flight 1549 HD Animation with audio for US Airways Water Landing

This video is the cockpit audio of flight 1549 which ended up in the Hudson river combined with an animation showing what was happening at the time.

Next I recommend a series of videos that address the boring airline safety video:

Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand

The first video is the way that Air New Zealand tried to get people to pay attention to the safety video. They did the whole safety video in the buff with only painted on uniforms. Surprisingly safe for work because of very well thought out camera angles and props.

Delta’s In-flight Safety Video

Delta did a much more standard safety video but this one went viral because of a flight attendant in it who reminded people of Angelina Jolie.

Airline Safety Video – MAD TV

But my favorite take on the air safety video is this parody from MAD TV. With all the fees this seems to be the way that air travel is going.

Also, check out the classic George Carlin – Airplane Safety (so not work safe).

Louis C.K. standup comedian talks on Conan O’brien

Louis C.K. talks about taking technology and air travel for granted. I love this video because I still love traveling and I think he is correct that we take it for granted.

The Longest Way

I saw this video for the first time through the Tnooz article and I agree it deserves to be on the list as an example of how travel changes us.

Honorable Mentions

No Reservations – Beirut

This video is only in the honorable mentions rather than in the top 7 list because it is a TV show rather than strictly a web video. Anthony Bordain went to Beruit to film a travel and food show but ended up being there when all hell broke loose after Hezbollah militants captured an Israeli soldier. It starts to get really interesting at around 30 seconds into 2nd part of the video.

Fast Food Folk Song (at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru)

OK, maybe it is not a classic travel but think of this as the best fun you could have on a road trip. Rhett and Link are bested by Taco Bell.

United Breaks Guitars

This video has been a bit over exposed which is why it does not make my top ten list. But it is still funny.

The future of air travel

For the very cynical I recommend this video that shows where air travel is going

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