Travel to the Galapagos Islands – Episode 89

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Photo Gallery at the Galapagos Nature Conservancy

The Amateur Traveler talks to Richard about his recent trip to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador and the fascinating and magical encounters with the animals there.

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Show Notes

Galapagos Nature Conservancy
Charles Darwin
Inca Tours – Galapagos Cruises
Galapagos Islands
Everything you need to know and do while visiting the Galapagos

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Carrie in NYC


I lived in Ecuador for two years, and have been to the Galapagos quite a few times. If you like the area you should check out la Isla de la Plata. They call it the poor mans galapagos because it has most of the same animals as the galapagos but it isn’t as touristy/expensive. They also offer super cheap scuba diving classes there (think $300/one week instruction + PADI cert.). Love your blog and good luck in your travels!

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