Travel to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador – Episode 351

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Jim Lutz from Vaya Adventures about Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.

Jim says, “The Galapagos has to be one of the most unique and wonderful wildlife destinations in the world. For any person interested in nature travel, wildlife, ecology, natural history, it’s really a must-see just because of the uniqueness of the circumstances and the wildlife and the very high percentages of endemic species that exist there. The opportunity to interact with the wildlife, sometimes it’s described as tame, I don’t know if that’s the right word, but the reality is you can walk right up to the wildlife in the Galapagos and it doesn’t run away. And it’s all around you, you have to walk out of the way of the birds and the reptiles while you are walking down the trails, they don’t move out of the way.”

“My most memorable wildlife experience would probably be swimming, snorkeling with about 10 hammerhead sharks swimming around me. I would say one of them was about 10 feet long. The types of things you can see when you are snorkeling there are really one of the most remarkable things of the experience with penguins, marine iguanas, sea turtles, and various species of sharks.”

The Galapagos is not an inexpensive destination but Jim makes a case for why you should visit and why you should visit using a small boat tour instead of some of the land itineraries that are getting more popular.

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matthew barker


For those interested in conservation at the Galapagos, here’s an interview with Jim on the International Ecotourism Society blog:

Marcello Arrambide


I recently came from the Galapagos. It was an incredible experience! I came across a lot of interesting animals and had a fun time shooting them 😀 So far I’ve posted photos of a land iguana, baby sea lion, and a lava lizard on my blog.

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