Travel to Western Norway – Episode 376

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Hear about travel to Oslo and Western Norway as the Amateur Traveler talks to Øystein about his native Norway.

“I think Norway has some of the most interesting scenery you will find anywhere in the world, especially if you like hiking and outdoor activities. We have some very accessible mountains, national parks, coastal areas. Also, the cities have something to offer for people who are interested in history.”

“Here is the itinerary that I did with my fiancee last Summer. We started in Bergan which is the largest city on the west coast. From there we drove to a small industrial town called Odda. Odda is not very nice in itself but it has some very cool scenery that you can access from Odda. It is also the home of a large agricultural area for cherries, apples, and orchards in general. From there we went further up to a small town called Laerdal which was the center of salmon fishing by English Lords in the 1800s. From there you can visit one of the Stav churches we have in Norway. We went to one of the Fjords which are on the Unesco World Heritage list which is called the Nærøy. Onwards to Jotunheimen which is a high mountain national park. From there we went to Trollstigen which is a winding road that is very famous for Norwegians and to a fjord called Geiranger which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We ended up in a place in Northern Norway called Brønnøysund which is where they have a very cool mountain that looks like a hat with a hole in it.”

Since most international tourists will be entering Norway through Oslo, Øystein also gives us a description of things to do in Norway’s capital city.

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Show Notes

National tourist routes
Island hopping in the Oslo Fjord
Hovedøya: “main island”
Viking Ship Museum
Folk Museum
Vigeland Park
Oslo Opera House
Sled Rental in Oslo
Salmon Center
Extreme Sports Week
Holmenkollen Ski Festival
Outdoor recreation act
Official tourist board
Oslo pass
Promo video of the Oslo-Bergen train ride


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Thank you for such a wonderful podcast. I’d discover it some time ago and started to listern from the first available episode. Now I’m stopped at episode #191 and planning to listern them all!

I really enjoyed episodes about Tokyo (apperently I’ve missed a lot) and Siberia (since I’m from Omsk, Russia, western part of the Siberia).

I’d been bitten by the travel bug in 2011 and do like event-based travel. Unfortunately I didn’t found any event-based episodes (at least yet). Hope there will be episodes about event-based travel in Amature Traveler.


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I love Norway! It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world as far as I am concerned. The scenery is amazing and the air is as fresh as anywhere else I have been. I could easily live there.

Deborah Gaffney


Thanks for this great podcast. We are planning to visit the region next year. This podcast and the one on Sweden are very helpful. I especially am grateful for the stave church information and the public transportation options.

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