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TripDoc is a new app for the iPhone to help you organize your trip. When someone tells you about that great Burmese restaurant or Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco or the great Hot Dog place in Honolulu you can immediately whip out your iPhone and add it to your list of places to visit in that city.

TripDoc comes from which is a popular site about traveling with kids. Debbie from sent me a free copy of the app to review. The app comes with some places from the city guides on the site but the rest you will accumulate over time. You can then view all of these destinations in a list or on a map view.

TripDoc - Places TripDoc - Maps TripDoc - Honolulu

You can categorize different places as a Activity, Airport, Hotel, Medical, Restaurant, or Shopping. I might like a few other categories like Photo Spot / View and Museum.

I can import sites like companies from my address book. When I imported my favorite restaurant it automatically added in that city to my list of places. The only big improvement I could see would be if the app worked with an online list of sites that I could select.

There is a free version of the application you can try TripDoc Free, the full version TripDoc costs $4.99.

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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Does TripDoc work offline? I’ve read several reviews, none of which makes this clear. I might be in a situation where I don’t have access to the internet but I want to look up or input a listing.



I believe so, yes, better question for the developer though

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