Travel to Saint Lucia – Episode 683

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Travel to Saint Lucia (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Saint Lucia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Keiwa Simpson from about her beautiful island.

St Lucia is one of the Caribbean Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

Keiwa says, “we have a very beautiful island with lots of amazing activities to do. It gives a visitor a perfect balance of relaxing activities like beautiful beaches and waterfalls. If they’re into adventure and history we have got that as well. Another great reason to visit St Lucia is that we have a UNESCO World Heritage site. That site is located in the most beautiful town in our country. It’s called Soufrière and the World Heritage site is a protected area in Soufrière that has the world’s only drive-in volcano. It also has the twin mountain peaks that our island is famous for. They’re called the Pitons. And a few waterfalls are also in the UNESCO protected area and coral reefs around the Pitons as well.”

Keiwa starts us in Soufrière with a hike up the Pitons which are steep mountains over 2000 feet tall.  The original natives, the Caribs, and the Arawak worshiped the Pitons as the gods of fertility. There are volcanic mud pools in the area as well as a black warm waterfall. There is also a less strenuous hike with great views called the Tet Paul Nature Trail.

Keiwa recommends a visit to the botanic gardens as well as Diamond Falls which is in the gardens.

Soufrière also has a few beaches so it is Keiwa says it is “the best of both worlds together”. It has 4 beaches in the area. Some of the beaches are black sand and one is a white sand beach (Sugar Beach). Some of the beaches also have a good reef for snorkeling. There are expensive resorts in front of some of these beaches but you don’t have to stay in an expensive resort at St Lucia.

St Lucia was fought over by the French and the English for years which has led to a country that speaks English, drives on the left but still has a thriving French creole (language) as well.

The island is not large but it can take a while to get someplace because it is a mountainous island with winding roads. We talk about the trade-off between renting a car and taking a taxi.

We also talk about heading north to Gros Islet especially for the Gros Islet Friday night street party. In this area are the remains of a British fortress.

St Lucia has beaches and mountains, Caribbean history including pirates. Find out why this is an easy island nation to fall in love with or fall in love in.

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Show Notes
Saint Lucia
Pitons Management Area (UNESCO)
Island Caribs
Mud bath tours on St Lucia
Sapphire Falls
Toraille Waterfall
Tet Paul Nature Trail
Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef
Hummingbird Beach Resort
Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, Soufriere
Gros Islet
St Lucia Spiced Rum
Spice Of India Restaurant
Splash Island Water Park
pirate François le Clerc “Jambe de Bois”
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Castries
Derek Walcott
6 Things You Need To Know To Create Your Dream St.Lucian Vacation


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