Travel Health iPhone App – First Aid in Your Pocket

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Travel Health

Travel Health

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people when they think about traveling is “what if I get sick?” I am not surprised when I hear people asking this as they consider a trip to Mexico or India but I am surprised that I am even asked this by people heading to Europe. The thought of navigating the health system in a foreign country or even in a foreign language can be daunting. I was given a copy of a new iPhone app to review which just may help alleviate some of that fear.

Travel Health is a simple concept. Basically it is like packing a first aid handbook in your iPhone. The app was created by WaKi Apps in collaboration with Travel Medicine Specialist Dr Deborah Mills. The app is and is based on Dr Deborah Mills’ book “Travelling Well“, which has sold over 140,000 copies worldwide. The design of the application is not particularly attractive but I suspect when you go to this app because you want to know what to do about Delhi Belly that will not be your biggest concern. The app makes it very quick to look up particular ailments as they categorize ailments in categories like Fever, Gut Problems, Chest Problems, Skin Damage, etc.

Travel Health

Travel Health

As you drill into a particular issue they pop up alerts for what particular symptoms should get you to throw aside your iPhone and immediately seek medical care. I looked into the Gut Problems for Traveller’s [Traveler’s] Diarrhoea since this is one ailment I have encountered on the road. I found tips on the symptoms, drubs used to treat it, how to manage it, other names for the malady (Pharaoh’s Curse was a new one to me) and at least 3 myths about the condition.

Travel Health

Travel Health

Travel Health also includes practical tips on finding medical care in a foreign country, particularly in a developing country. This includes tips like going to a high end hotel which may have its own doctor. That would not have occurred to me.

I like this application and can easily recommend it as a useful application. I hope if you buy it, you never find a use for it.

Travel Health is normally a $7.99 app but is currently selling for $2.99.

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Chris Christensen

by Chris Christensen

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There are many app out there which does the job, but I am very happy with the app from Danish Red Cross. Not only does it contains the necessary information. But the menu is also very basic with at good and user friendly design, that lets you navigate easy around the program.

I especially liked one thing, which is the information level. If gives you the basic information in the “scenes” and if you are in the need of more, there are link which lead you to detail information about, lets say fx. Asma, onces you are finish reading this, you easily navigate back to the “scene”

I bought the program in Denmark, it have had a great success there, i guess like many, i trust more the first aid information that Red Cross provides, especially in Denmark, where they are the leader on the marked for providing first aid courses and material. Plus the fact about giving money to a helporganisation, i prefer that instead from some developer i don´t know and there are no warranty on, that he knows what he is talking about

The program works for iphone in English and Danish, and I know it will be available for android soon!

So.. the big question is really, have i safe any lives since i got the program. No, but i most admit to that my knowledge of first aid has been significantly improved and I feel better equipped to provide first aid if a situation arises. Is it not what it is all about?

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