Travel to the Republic of the Congo – Episode 385

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Hear about travel to the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) as the Amateur Traveler talks to Chris Rosencranz about his recent visit to this country in equatorial African.

The Republic of the Congo sits in the rain forest just north of the Congo River from its better known, and less stable neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo. “In the past few years, the Republic of the Congo has emerged with some new infrastructure to let tourists access some of the best parks that the continent has going for it plus the rain forest itself which is really quite special, and the river.”

In addition to the wonderful wildlife, “one of the greatest river journeys in the world” as well as a new train journey through the jungle. Chris also found the dancing and music scene in the twin cities of Brazzaville and Kinshasa (DRC) to be some of “the best nightlife in Africa”.

Chris recommends a 4-7 day trip up the Congo River from Brazzaville using one of the local outfitters which will take you “a world away from any of urban Africa you have seen when you arrived”.

Chris visited Douli National Park near the coast when he saw chimpanzees, elephants, and phosphorescent plants that looked like they came right out of the movie Avatar. He also enjoyed a visit to the inland Lésio-Louna Natural Reserve to see lowland Gorillas.

Near Brazzaville, you can also visit a tank graveyard which is a grim reminder of the Great War of Africa.

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Hotel Hippocampe
Mami Watta Restaurant
Congo River
Conkouati-Douli National Park
Tank Graveyard
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It appeared that the guest did not spend as long at Monument Valley as it might deserve. About 10 years ago we took a guided tour by open pickup truck of the valley that lasted perhaps an hour or two. Way better than hanging out at the visitor center and just looking. We also did a horseback “tour” just outside of the valley, and that was pretty awesome also.


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