Travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Episode 433

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Hear about travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as the Amateur Traveler talks to Chris and Sasha Rosencranz about their recent trip to this African country. The DRC is located along the south bank of the Congo River. This large country used to be the Belgian Congo. Chris was previously on the Amateur Traveler talking about the Republic of the Congo as well.

The DRC has been the site of a great deal of conflict over the last century. Of the regions in the east where there have been rebels Chris says “they’re a long way from the capital and it doesn’t really feel unstable in any way that would affect any tourists in the capital [Kinshasa] that we know of. You will certainly hear stories. If you ask the embassy there, they will certainly tell you all sorts of reasons to be careful but we found it to be friendlier and the easier of the two capitals [Kinshasa and Brazzaville].”

“They have a lot of nice national parks. There are not that many tourists and they have a lot of wildlife. If you don’t wish to go to the interior of the country there is a famous bonobo [monkey] sanctuary close by to Kinshasa. We call them the hippies of the monkey world because they are absolutely non-aggressive and they’re very friendly and even if they have any conflicts they solve them by having intercourse. It’s barely an hour outside the city and easy to visit. You need to have a 4×4 because the roads are bad.”

“Inevitably you are going to come into Kinshasa. There are a lot of international carriers coming in and we found the cheapest of them to be Turkish Airlines. It is quite a chaotic airport. I think checking in to leave is more of a hassle because there are all sorts of mysterious taxes and fees to pay. I think the place to stay [in Kinshasa] is the Boulevard du 30 Juin which is kind of the Champs-Élysées of Kinshasa.”

Chris and Shasha also discuss more ambitious trips like sailing up the Congo River. They took the ferry from Kinshasa to Kisangani which was a month long journey (or only a week on the fast boat).

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