Travel to Auvergne, France – Episode 504

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What to do, see and eat when you Travel to Auvergne, France - Amateur Traveler Episode 504


Hear about travel to the Auvergne region of France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Allison and Andrew Cornford-Matheson from as we talk about their visit to this central but overlooked area of France.

Allison says “I think the people who are really going to love Auvergne are people who like to get out into nature. There are large cities like Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy, but we pretty much avoided those in favor of the small villages and nature.” Andrew adds, “there is a real sense of sustainable tourism in the area. It’s very green and it really encourages people to get outside and explore hiking, doing a little bit of boating, etc.” “If you are a walker then this is heaven for you”.

If you don’t picture extinct volcanoes when you picture France then this region will surprise you as many of the peaks have the unmistakable conical shape of old volcanos. Peaks like Puy-de-dome can be traversed by a railroad or hiked by the more adventurous.

As you might suspect with two guests from a site with cheese in the name, Auvergne is known for its cheese and has 6 AOP cheeses (protected designation of origin as Champagne is for sparkling wine) and even a Route des Fromages for visiting various sites associated with cheese making.

Auvergne also has some outstanding historic sites like the Chapel of Saint-Michel d’Aighuilhe and the Fortresse de Polignac (both of which were built on rock outcroppings) or the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame du Puy which is a UNESCO site.

Allison and Andrew stayed in a variety of quirky cabins, farms and lodges which are eco-friendly as part of a new program through the tourism office.

Pack your hiking shoes, pick up a baguette and some amazing cheese as you head out into the countryside of Auvergne.
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Show Notes

Auvergne on Cheeseweb
Auvergne Tourism
Aux Jardins des Thévenets
Charroux (Plus Beaux Villages du France)
Bois Basalte
Bleu d’Auvergne
Auvergne AOP Cheeses
Route des Fromages
Cheese Farm La Grange de la Haute-Vallée
Instants Absolu
Le Puy-en-Velay
Fortresse de Polignac
Aluna Voyages (Edible Walk)
Auvergne Volcanos Regional Park
Cathédrale de Notre-Dame du Puy (UNESCO)
Chapel of Saint-Michel d’Aighuilhe


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What to do, see and eat when you Travel to Auvergne, France - Amateur Traveler Episode 504

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by Chris Christensen

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Janice Chung


Great podcast. As I was listening to it while running, I had a craving for a baguette and cheese. I visited Puy de Dome 2 years ago and what shocked me was how COLD it was at the top. Guess it was just an unusually windy day in October. Can’t wait to try out many of the experiences that were talked about.



lol, I hope you were able to find some to meet your cravings 🙂

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