Travel to Bolivia – Episode 313

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Tieso about his recent trip to Bolivia. He was traveling from Argentina to Peru, and at first, Bolivia was just in the way, but he discovered a country worth seeing.

“I hadn’t known much about Bolivia, not too many people were talking about it. So I was curious about the country. There is actually a lot there and I ended up staying much longer than I thought.”

He traveled from the salt flats Salar de Uyuni in the south to Lake Titicaca in the North. He attended Carnaval de Oruro, visited the breathtaking capital city of La Paz (it’s very high up), and biked down the Road of Death.

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Show Notes

Yungas Road
Carnaval de Oruro
Salar de Uyuni
La Paz
Lake Titicaca
World’s Highest Oxygen Bar
Art of Backpacking
Michael Tieso
Eating The Worlds Most Dangerous Vindaloo


Cigarette Causes United Flight Diversion, Man Arrested
Delta, others reroute flights after solar eruption
In Japan, vending machine dispenses beer and wifi


Daniel of Madrid wrote:

This is Daniel from Madrid. First of all I would like to thank you, it is incredible the work you do with the podcast and the web page. I started hearing the podcast more or less a year ago, I used it in order to improve my English and I have heard during this last year every podcast you have recorded. Now I have finished the number 309 podcast, so I am up-to-date with the show and thanks to you my English comprehension has skyrocketed.

Now I am hooked on the content of the show, I consider myself an amateur traveller and I enjoy discovering with your guests every corner of the world. I also like remembering the places I have visited (New York, Beijing, Xian, Paris, London, Rome, Argentinean’s Patagonia…)

Thanks again for making it so easy for us (non English speakers) to follow your work. Your pronunciation and the audio quality are superb and allow us to get involved in the weekly trip you board us into. I completely agree with the institutions you have mentioned that use your work to teach English. I know this mail is too much flattering but I really don’t find anything to improve so far.

Please, please, continue with this and let us follow you to the most amazing destinations in the world.

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Vasko Ristov


I like your blog and your destinations.Just discovered your blog and i belive i’ll be constant visitor of it becouse i have simular page (just beginner) and belive i will learn a lot from you.Regards and keep up the good work.



I truly enjoy your show here in inviting your guests here that provides fantastic content of the places to visit around the world. I enjoy listening to your podcast more than any other traveling podcast since you bring such a great personality with your voice. I am in the habit of saying “excellent” over a dozen times each day since you reply to your guests “excellent!” when they share their place to visit. When the appropriate time comes in a discussion with my peers about travel I recommend your show and have them listen to it that I got my wife to join in listening with me while driving in the car. I even enjoy listening to your show while getting a workout in. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Chris Christensen


Nathan, you made me laugh out loud. I got grief recently for how often I say excellent… which is true. I have become very self-conscious about it, but frankly after 660+ episode, even with a good thesaurus…

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