Travel to Bordeaux, France – Episode 536

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Travel to Bordeaux, France - What to do, eat and see in one of France's premier wine regions


Hear about travel to Bordeaux, France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jennifer Dombrowski from about her new hometown in one of France’s most famous wine regions.

“A lot of people didn’t come to Bordeaux. They knew about Bordeaux because it was such a famous French wine, but it wasn’t a place that people realized was even the name of a city in France. For so long the many wine châteaux around Bordeaux were really closed off to the public. All of the wine was really sold off in wine auctions long before it even goes into the bottles and there wasn’t much wine tourism that was going on here.”

“But now the city has really revitalized itself, especially in the last year, and there are a lot of unique wine tours that are happening here. The wine châteaux are opening up to the public. You can visit these beautiful almost castle-like fairytale-like vineyards and even many of them have shops now where you can purchase wine. It’s a great time to come to Bordeaux.”

Jennifer guides us around the old city with its old towers, cathedral and historic port. The port building used as a graphic for this episode is a UNESCO listed site.

You can’t have wine without enjoying some good food as well, after all this is France, so Jennifer guides us to some of her favorite local restaurants in Bordeaux.

She also gets us outside of the city to Europe’s largest sand dune and of course to some of the wine châteaux. For something different she even recommends a tour to the various châteaux clinging to the back of a Harley Davidson.

After discovering Bordeaux on a Viking River Cruise, hear why a location independent travel blogger would choose Bordeaux when she could live anywhere.

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Show Notes

Lux Adventure Traveler
Viking River Cruises – Châteaux, Rivers & Wine cruise
Bordeaux Tourism
Intercontinental Grand Hotel (reviews | check prices Agoda Expedia)
Harley Davidson wine tour (reviews)
Port Cailhau tower visit
La Salle a Manger des Chartrons Restaurant (reviews)
La Cite du Vin
Dune de Pilat
Hasnaa Chocolat Grand Crus
Marche des Capucins
The Port of the Moon
Le Pressoir d’Argent, Bordeaux
Dune of Pilat
Bordeaux’s Food and Wine Scene


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Travel to Bordeaux, France - What to do, eat and see in one of France's premier wine region

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