Travel to the Dordogne Region of France – Episode 522

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Travel to the Dordogne Region of France - What to See, Do and Eat in this Land of Richard the Lionhearted


Hear about travel to the Dordogne region of France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Laurence Norah from about this region known for it’s picturesque villages and castles.

“It’s a very popular region. I think the main attraction, it’s very pretty. It has some fantastic castles. It often referred to as the land of 1001 castles. So if you like pretty pretty castles, medieval villages, cafes to sit outside and drink wine, it’s pretty much got all that kind of stuff.”

Laurence lived in the north of the Dordogne for 3 years running a camp site and his love for the region persists. He starts us in Périgueux and guides us into the northern and less visited region rather than Bergerac and the Dordogne valley. He takes us to villages like Brantôme, Saint Jean de Cole, and Nontron (home of the medieval French version of a Swiss Army knife) as well as Chateaus like Castelnaud, Jumilhac, Puyguilhem.

Instead of the popular replica of the Lascaux cave that you can visit (the real cave is closed to tourists), Laurence recommends visiting the lesser known cave at Villars.

Burn off the calories of the well known duck dishes by canoeing one of the rivers or hiking up to one of the castles that dot the hillsides. Walk in the steps of Richard the Lionheart who spent more time here than in his native England. Visit the home of troglodyte monks.

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Show Notes
Bergerac wine
Limoges (in Haute-Vienne department)
Brantôme tourism
Lascaux cave
Grotte de Villars
Saint Jean de Cole
Duck Gésiers (Salad)
Nontron Knives
Chateau de Puyguilhem
Dordogne Castles and Chateaux
Chateau Jumialhac
Chateau de Jumilhac
Chateau de Castelnaud
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Richard the Lionheart
Châlus (where Richard I died)
Richard the Lion Heart Route – Historic Route
Richard the Lion Heart Route – Map
Oradour-sur-Glane massacre
Chambres d’hôtes
How To Become A Travel Photographer

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